Wednesday 16 December 2015

Glamour on the Go has a Brand New Home!

Glamour on the Go has moved to a Brand New Home!!! 


Wednesday 28 October 2015

Style Tip - Dress ME - Style Secrets

I always get asked for my best Style do I do it? What tips do I have? This week I tell you my best Style Secrets and then I want you to share them with your girlfriends...

  • Get a grip on glamour by choosing a bold statement piece that only reveal your best section or assets. For example, just because you reveal less, doesn't mean you can't feel stylish and glamorous...How easy is it to completely miss the mark with a dress that is too tight or reveals way to much? Rather target your most sensual bits...
  • Skintight and clingy pieces will only highlight any bulges, while super stiff items will amplify your natural contour.
  • The supersized shawl or scarf is your duel purpose fashion item can act as a statement accessory and as a cover up for colder climates.
  • Don't skimp when it comes to big-impact the best quality you can afford.
  • Your fashion choices reveal your awareness of your body and your style.
  • Maximise embellishment and accessories and keep the rest of your look sleek and simple.
  • Colourise areas you want to flaunt and minimise those you don't.
  • Nothing makes quite an impression as bare limps emerging from an ultra feminine frock.
  • Choose quality fabrics and finishings.
  • Use drama and theatrics when getting dressed e.g. cutouts, sequins, embellishments, sheer, accessories, subtle patches of skin etc.
  • Take a good look at yourself in a full length mirror - top to bottom, front to back.
  • Embrace ultra modern extras like coloured bangles, mirrored sunglasses, quirky booties etc.
  • Use colours, cut and luxurious fabrics to your advantage.

Once you have mastered the above, remember this:
  • Learn to style your body.
  • Allocate your assets.
  • Identify your life style.
  • Establish what you like and don't like.

Carolina Herrera is one of fashion's most sophisticated ladies, who has dressed everyone from Jackie O to Michelle Obama. She advises that every woman's must-have accessory is a full length mirror,  proportion is key, clothes that are simple and well made are one of life's little luxuries and that mystery is more seductive than leaving nothing to the imagination...

These are my Style Secrets and what I advise and follow on a daily basis...

Till next week, stay Glamorous xxx

(Inspired by the book Marie Claire: Dress Skinny: Perfecting your Style, Flattering your Body and Looking Fabulous. Images courtesy of Pinterest)

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Style Tip - Dress ME - Allocate your Assets

Let's talk about assets...our assets and how to make the most of them. Baring skin is a tried and tested trick for drawing the eye - but remember to keep it classy and stay classy. Invest in a good support system and nothing so tight it creates visible muffin top or boob bulge under your blouse or shirt. Turn up the heat on your terms. Sophia Loren said "style must be adapted to the woman and not vice versa"

What stands between you and looking like a superstar are tough decisions. Choosing luxury materials and fabrics that elegantly contour or hint at your curves are the best choice. Expensive? Yes, but well worth the investment. Bare arms are super stylish and strapless is not off limits, providing you have invisible support.

Great style is about diversion tactics no matter what your size or figure, that means steering the eye to what you want to show off and away from the rest. The goal is getting your top-to-toe look in proportion. Whether its the latest trends, its up to you to tailor your outfit to your body.

There are no perfect colours to downsize your silhouette, but in general dark colours and solid-colour palettes are best to minimise areas you are not so in love with. Don't forget the power of "naked"...naked arms, legs and bare shoulders will literally "air" out your look.

Everyone know's that the street is life's real we can excel in being inventive, chic and ourselves. I like to refer to this as Runway to Realway.

Diane von Furstenburg's advises -  Animal prints are best. They are fun, feline and move with the body, accentuating all of the right curves. The best advice ever...

Till next week, stay Glamorous xxx

 (Inspired by the book Marie Claire: Dress Skinny: Perfecting your Style, Flattering your Body and Looking Fabulous. Images courtesy of Pinterest)