Wednesday, 30 July 2014


This week I'm loving white jeans. 

I found a great pair at Kmart for $15! They are skinny fit, but stretchy and cropped at the ankle. Perfect! Bring on summer! I'm so over winter…have a look at a few of my options and ideas on how to style your new white jeans…Summer can't come quick enough!

Monday, 28 July 2014


I love heels...I love wearing them and I love the way they make me feel! Tall, confident, sexy and ready to seize any opportunity life throws at me...but, let's be real just for a sec...I have 2 children under the age of of them only 11 months old and just starting to explore the world around her which means mommy is doing a lot of running around after her or alternatively I have to be quick as a flash on my feet and while I would love doing it on 6 inch heels, for practicality reasons and for the safety of everyone around me I don't think so!!!

So what's a fashionable, stylish and glamorous mommy to do??? Let me introduce you to the "midi" heel...somewhere between 6 inch heels and kitten heels...kind of the little sister of stilettos...also know as mommy's new glam shoe!

Now these shoes are not only for mommies...they just happen to be very fashionable and trendy right now and the must have shoe of the season! Yay for mommies everywhere! Shoes we can finally run around in while still looking fashionable, stylish and glamorous!

I have picked a classic pump but vamped it up with animal print just for a little mentioned before - animal print is a neutral in my opinion and goes with everything! I got a great pair at Big W for $15!

There is literally a style out there for everyone...go and find your animal instinct!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Join me every Wednesday and I will show you how to be a glamorous, stylish and fashionable mommy with a outfit that is practical and comfortable and can be worn by all mommies no matter how many children you have or how old they are…(and regardless of your budget or size…everything is affordable and available to size 18 at least…)

There is no need to be frumpy and unfashionable just because you have kiddies to run after…time is limited (I know…) These outfits can be put together in 5 min…guaranteed! Just add mascara, a bold lipstick and brush your hair (at least…) and you will be one glamorous mamma on the go!!!

Most of my clothes are bought on the high street and it's no secret I'm a huge fan of Kmart and Target. Have a wonder around the shops, will be amazed at the bargains you find out there! 

I do it every Friday with my 10 month old baby in the pram while my 3 year old is at kindy. That's my day to look around the shops and find amazing treasures. Follow me on Instagram @antoinetteglamour to see all my weekly finds, where I bought them and how much I paid for them.

From one Glamour on the Go mommy to another…

Thursday, 17 July 2014


Who ever uses the term "sleep like a baby" obviously DO NOT have children...OR have grown up children and have forgotten that babies DON'T SLEEP!!!

I have a 10 month old and a 3.5 year old and I think it's safe to say that I have not slept a complete full night in more than 3.5 years! Yes people!!! 3.5 years! Plus I have not slept late morning lie ins, no lazing around in breakfast in bed for, nope, nada!

Now, in my previous life I was used to little sleep and sleep interruption being a flight attendant, working odd hours, but then I would have 12 hour sleep marathons to make up for lost sleep and jet lag...not in this life! 
Nothing can prepare you for how tired you are all the time and how that can not only alter your personality drastically, but also play havoc with your appearance! Add to that the fact that you have 2 hour sleep stretches at most and getting up at least 3x per night between the 2 and you have my typical night...and then the day starts at approx 5:30 am sharp! Yes!

My daughter seems to think that as soon as mommy turns out the light between 10-11 pm and puts her head on the pillow and snuggles into bed...that's her cue to start her shenanigans! And so we start our little night time marathon...and sometimes my son will throw me a curveball around 2-3am together with his sister and then we have a real party! A pajama party!!!

Mornings often start with my son creeping into our bed around 5:30 with all his animals (every single soft toy on his bed), his blankie and his bottie (drink bottle) and tells me he's hungry and I must get up now cause the day has started and the sun is awake can you say no to that??? Quite easily really...soon after that my daughter will let me know she's ready to get up too with the loudest scream from her bedroom...almost as if to say "hey I'm here too! Hurry up come and get me!" And so our day starts...

So who ever says "I slept like a baby" either don't have children or they are lying....but, you know what??? I will quite happily give up my sleep to feel my son's warm little body cuddled next to mine most mornings and to see my daughter's little face light up with the biggest smile every morning when I walk into her room!

Just think when they are teenagers it's payback time...revenge is sweet!!! That thought makes me smile...only about another 15 odd years to go!!! In the meantime I use a really good eye cream a great concealer and sometimes really big dark sunglasses!

Always trying to keep it Glamour...on the Go!

Saturday, 12 July 2014


I can't believe how quick this year has gone! We are almost halfway through July! 
Gosh…after reading one of my favourite blogs and reading her half year stocktake, I decided to do the same! So much has happened and there is still so much too happen for the rest of the year!

So, here is a fun little exercise that I'm following from Sonia…

Making: plans...

Cooking: dinner every night which is a new experience for me! Normally my husband does it...

Drinking: Coke Zero...

Reading: a few books at the moment - Tonque in Cheek, #girlboss and Heaven is for Real plus my monthly magazines!!!

Wanting: nude Valentino rock stud heels...

Looking: at fashion and trends for the upcoming summer season.

Playing: the domestic goddess...not so good at it!

Deciding: if I want to go back to work next year?

Wishing: to go to Paris..

Enjoying: my kiddies so much! Love hanging out with them!

Waiting: patiently...

Liking: chocolate and everything sweet

Wondering: what's next?

Loving: my little family and having my mom around

Pondering: about what to wear!

Considering: some "cosmetic" procedures...

Watching: The Voice

Hoping: for clarity soon....

Marvelling: at how far I've come as a mother, wife and personally in the last 18 months!

Needing: lots of love and attention....

Smelling: Chanel

Wearing: jeans

Following: my dreams...

Noticing: all the small things I have that make me happy and that I'm blessed with!

Knowing: God

Thinking: too much

Feeling: loved and blessed

Admiring: my mom

Sorting: my clothes

Buying: more clothes

Getting: excited

Bookmarking: all the blogs I love and want to read

Disliking: rude people

Opening: presents soon...

Giggling: at silly little things

Snacking: too much!

Coveting: a Celine handbag

Helping: myself come to terms with a few issues...

Hearing: my children laughing everyday!

What a fun way to get to know yourself a little better…go on give it a try and share if you dare!!!

Thursday, 10 July 2014


My pony hair animal print slip ons - not only comfortable but literally goes with everything and is super fashionable .

My LV bag - big enough to fit all my mommy essentials while always looking glamorous and stylish.

My black biker leather jacket - again a classic that goes with everything. From maxi dresses to skirts to jeans…edginess with style.

I'm addicted to simple white t-shirts at the moment - elegant and classic.

My absolute favourite lipstick that I wear everyday - Black cherry…I love the rich colour and how it makes a statement.

This is hands down the most indulgent home product I have ever used and I absolutely love it!  It heats up on application and is just heavenly.

Oxblood nail polish - always on my nails and toes. Always...

Mint tea with honey - yummy with major health benefits.  I try and have a cup before bed...

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


10 Things you didn't know about me…yes, I'm about to share!

Besides my obvious love of fashion, shoes and all things glamour…some of the things I'm about to share the people closest to me might already know…my husband, maybe my mom, some family and a select few friends…sooo here I am…this is me!

1. I used to be a flight attendant/cabin crew…for 10 years!!!

2. Im very impatient…

3. I have a slight magazine addiction…Elle, Marie Claire, Instyle, Vogue and Haper's Bazaar are always on my bedside table.

4. My favourite colours are maroon and purple.

5. I love vanilla lattes…roses and scented candles in spicy aromas…

6. I am NO domestic goddess…but I'm learning…

7. I don't like things out of place…I'm always fluffing a pillow, smoothing the bedlinen, straightening the hand towels or moving everything a centimetre here and there till its the way I want it! Slightly obsessed I know! Especially now I have small kiddies I have relaxed a little bit…only a little…

8. I'm really bad at answering my phone…really bad! I'm not much of a phone person.

9. I'm in love with Chanel…everything!

10. I'm addicted to Coke Zero, don't drink any water and not into exercise! (Not proud of this one…)

Well…this is me. The good, the not so good and a little bit bad?

What are the 10 things that define you and make you who you are? Are you brave enough to write them down? If only for yourself?

The way I see it is…I always try and add a little bit of Glamour with a touch of Style and a whole lot of Fashion to everything I do…even if I don't drink water and do it holding a Coke Zero!

Thursday, 3 July 2014


Once a month a have a manicure and pedicure. I use Shellac as I hate painting my nails, waiting for it to dry and then ultimately smudging it! Oh and chipped nailpolish....I can't deal!

So, every month the nail technician will give me loads of colour wheels to choose a colour from...everything imaginable, every colour you can think of. Every month I say to myself I'm going for something different this time...all excited about my new fashionable colour I'm going to choose...what do I do??? I always go for the same colour! Always! Pinotage...a rich red wine/oxblood colour...I love it. And off course my toes and nails must match. Always!!!

At my last visit I couldn't help but overhear the lady next me telling her nail technician that she had to remove her nailpolish...the colour wasn't her and it made her "angry" looking at it and just upset her entire day and that she just couldn't function until it got changed!!! Extreme you might think??? It's just nailpolish I hear you say??? To some yes...but I had to laugh to myself and could totally relate to this lady as I am exactly the same!

I once ventured away from my usual...and decided on a beautiful Tiffany blue...I was "blue" and annoyed for about a week and then decided I couldn't stand it any longer  and went back and changed it to my usual Pinotage and instantly I could breath again...

Have you ever felt like this? Can you relate? Or do you think it's just a little bit silly...

I'm thinking that life's little luxuries have turned into my life's little necessities...nothing like Pinotage to brighten up any old day! And I mean both kinds!!!