Wednesday, 30 July 2014


This week I'm loving white jeans. 

I found a great pair at Kmart for $15! They are skinny fit, but stretchy and cropped at the ankle. Perfect! Bring on summer! I'm so over winter…have a look at a few of my options and ideas on how to style your new white jeans…Summer can't come quick enough!


  1. It's only been winter for a month! I'm so not ready to say goodbye to winter yet. But I can't bring myself to do white jeans. Maybe that should be my next style challenge!

    Thanks for joining Wardrobe Wednesday!

    1. It's 25 degrees here today and 27 tomorrow! Whoohoo! I definitely love summer and can't wait! I didn't like white jeans for so long but I'm wearing them tomorrow and I'm pretty sure that you can rock anything you put on!!! Bring on the Style Challenge I say!!!

  2. I predict a pair of white skinny jeans will be joining my wardrobe very soon ;-)

  3. I'm totally heading to Kmart to pick up a pair. Everyone tells me that once this baby arrives, that will be the end of wearing white - but I'm glad you're proving them wrong! I love white

  4. Run to Kmart! They won't last long! You can wear anything you want even if you are a mom! Keep checking back every week and I will show you how to be a glamorous mommy on the go!!!

  5. The Kmart jeans sound fantastic! Such a great price to try this style. I love the white jean grey top combo in your pics. Such a great look for spring and summer. I am very over winter too!