Saturday, 2 August 2014


Does your life run on routine? Do you have a set schedule for everything or do you just go with the flow…take life as it comes…c'est la vie???

Not me! 
NOOO! I'm a routine person, very organised and need a schedule…I'm not a spur of the moment kinda person and I hate surprises…I need to plan and be prepared for anything and everything…yet I'm ALWAYS late! For everything! At least 15 min…why you ask? How can someone so organised be late??? One answer…KIDS! I have kids! 2 of them…double up everything!

When I asked my husband what the most significant change was for him since having kids, he instantly replied "we can't just jump in the car and go somewhere…everything needs to planned out…nothing spur of the moment!" My husband "was" very much a "spur of the moment" kind of guy till we had kids! 

Which makes me ask the question…are your kids running your life? Are you scheduling your life around your kids bath and bed time? Is your day based on what time your kids have to nap??? 
Mine is…very much so! I make sure we do everything we need to do in the mornings so I can be home by 12, my kids can nap and I can have some quiet time…to just breath! Afternoons are normally reserved for playtime and play dates before dinner and "suicide hour" starts…between 5pm till 7pm!

Basically our kids routine also interferes with our social life. We very rarely take the kids out past 7pm…(unless we are on holiday) and we schedule lunch dates around their nap time…stupid you may say, a little silly perhaps, let them fit in with your life…yes totally, but for

my sanity and everyone around us we try to limit the tantrums and the meltdowns by sticking to a routine and a schedule. It works for us and keeps me looking glamorous, fashionable and stylish most of the time…

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