Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Style Tip - Crop tops

Can you wear crop tops past a certain age?

Image courtesy of Pinterest
I'm not keen on showing my midrif at fact I don't even like wearing sheer tops! And I don't wear bikinis either since I've had my kids...
I think it's safe to say that I did not embrace this trend at all or even consider it till a few days ago...

If like me you have a "mommy belly" or a "jelly belly" and don't want any flesh exposed, but still want to jump on the fashion bandwagon...there are a few options to wear the crop top...
Wear it layered over a floaty longer top, or find a loose fitted boxy shape that sits right on the waist line of your pants, jeans or skirt, wear it slouchy and what ever you do not wear a fitted bra crop top unless that mutton dressed as lamb look is what you going for...

Another good option is to wear it under a classic jacket or even a smart denim jacket. Always keep is classy and leave the teenagers to do what they do best...
The above look is the perfect example of how to wear the crop top without showing too much flesh and keeping it stylish, glamorous and most importantly fashionable!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Weekly Fashion Trend - Springbok fur

A trend that's been popping up a lot in the past week or so is the Springbok fur handbag or clutch...this trend can almost totally be proudly South African as the Sprinbok is our most popular and famous animal - just referencing our rugby team...but the great thing about fashion is that everyone can embrace it!

These handbags can be found everywhere here in South Africa and now also on the international catwalks and in the closets of major fashionistas the world over it seems...
They come in all shapes and sizes and even different colours if you wanted something other than original...

They make quite the statement and add interesting texture and focal point to your outfit, dressed up or down you are sure the grab the attention of quite a few fashionistas and each one is unique with no two skins the same...

For those people who are not too keen on fur, rest assured that these skins and bags are no different to a gorgeous leather bag.

I definitely know what I will be taking back to the Middle East with me when I leave in a few weeks and this bag might just be a gift from me to me for my birthday coming up???

I'm thinking maybe a small little cros body version will do just fine...what about you??? Will you embrace this new handbag trend or would you rather just pass...

Friday, 24 October 2014

Style in the City - Vintage shopping

This week we're going down Long Street in Cape Town...trendy restaurants, bars and coffee shops plus fabulous boutiques and vintage's a quirky street filled with treasures, great food and people!

I would love to introduce you to some of the boutiques I visit every time I come to Cape Town. First up is Afraid of Mice - this is a beautiful vintage boutique full of clothes and accessories "you wish your mother had kept for you" Every item is hand picked and special either for the stitching, fabric or a tiny detail...nothing is bought en masse.

This boutique is not your traditional dusty, dark, cluttered and overstocked vintage store - all the stock is sourced ahead of season to keep up with current trends and runway styles. Most of the labels they stock can't be found anywhere else is South Africa! They have pieces from Chanel, Stella McCartney, Cloe, Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta to name a few...

They also buy direct from the public - so if you have any pre loved designer goodies you would like to sell, this is the boutique to do it! 

I first got to know Afraid of Mice at the Saturday morning neighbourhood market at the Biscuit Mill in Woodstock where they had a small stall, then I visited their studio in Woodstock and now I'm a regular visitor to their Long Street boutique every time I'm in town. 

What started as 2 sisters Bianca and Simone dreaming about owning a vintage boutique to the reality of a beautiful shop well known within the fashion industry...

"This is a top-notch vintage store offering classics at affordable prices, a shop to spend a good part of your day in" - Elle Magazine South Africa

You can find them at Shop 86 Long Street 021 423-7353
For more information visit their website at Afraid of Mice

Next up is Babette Clothing - I stumbled on this treasure of a boutique during my last visit in Cape Town where I bought a reworked bright red fringed kaftan and some vintage Chanel drop earrings and just knew this boutique had to go on my fab list!

Fashion designer Barbara owns this gorgeous vintage boutique and after travelling through Europe, Australia and East Asia fell in love with vintage fashion along her way...she chanced upon a line of authentic dresses, altered or reworked to make it more wearable for today's lifestyle.

Greeted by a bright yellow gate and a charming black/white awning, once you step inside old meets new and everything goes! A timeless feel of kitch meets cool, you will find an abundance of lovely one of a kind reworked vintage, jewellery and other retro finds. 

Babette also stock clothing lines from from local designers. Charming but cute, a little different and always unique, Babette will undoubtedly have something for you!

Find this gorgeous boutique at 41 Church Street 021 424-4457
For more information visit their website at

Last but not least you can't go to Long Street and not visit the big African Market slap bang right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle and craziness of this world famous street...greeted by rows and rows of bright beaded necklaces and arm candy, colourful hand embroided handbags and hand crafted wooden jewellery, it will be very hard to not find something unique to take home with you, like I do every time I go in there! It's hard to miss this colourful and vibrant market...just ask anybody on the street and they are sure to point you in the right direction!

These are just a few of the treasures I've found on this visit...

Make sure to check back next week for more Style in the City...

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Style Tip - Underwear...

What about underwear?

Image courtesy of Pinterest

This is often a part of dressing we seem to neglect...I'm guilty! 
Today I went underwear shopping and this got me thinking of how very important the right underwear for your body and ultimately your outfit is...

October is Breast Cancer awareness month and Woolworths is doing free bra measurements. Its absolutely essential to get the right fit bra, this will lift you in all the right places and offer great support which will make you and your outfits look a million dollars!

Don't forget shape wear or "spanx" as we know it...this is properly the best invention ever! It smooths out any lumps and bumps you might have and just make you look amazing!

Also do colour code your underwear to your outfit e.g. black bra with black top, nude bra with white or any light coloured top and leave the bra strap exposure to the just is not a good look! A hint of lace here and there at the right time, for the right occasion wearing the right outfit can be sexy and alluring, but is best left for those special occasions not your everyday life. 

Wear the right underwear that fit you and your body and you will already see a major improvement in the way you carry yourself and that glamorous, stylish and fashionable outfit you rocking!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Weekly Fashion Trend - Skirt over pants...

Image courtesy of Pinterest
I'm calling it...the skirt over pants trend is coming and its HOT! Wear it with your favourite skinny jeans, heels, and a gorgeous top with fabulous accessories and you will definitely be the leader of the fashion pack! 
Take it a step further and dare to wear a semi ball gown or flowing maxi skirt over your cropped skinny or cigarette pants and skinny jeans. A flowing maxi dress with a flash of printed leggings is very per her signature style.

Much like the skort of a few years back, this could be the start of the "scant" which in my opinion doesn't sound nearly as chic as the gorgeous trend...

Can you come up with a more glamorous name for this trend??? Will you dare to wear this? Emma Watson did it a few years back and it was simply stunning...

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Friday, 17 October 2014

Style in the City - Michelle Ludek

This is a new weekly segment where I will have a look at a designer, boutique or clothing range I love in the city I'm in at the the moment I'm in Cape Town (my home town) and there are just so much stunningly gorgeous fashion to explore! So every week I will showcase something new...

To kick things off I'm thrilled to chat to Michelle Ludek about the opening of her first boutique in the newly renovated Watershed at the Waterfront. The Watershed is a great space housing everything local and proudly South African! 

I met Michelle many years ago on a my previous life when I was still flying. Fast forward 5 years and she has multiple collections and runway shows at Cape Town Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and now her first stand alone boutique!

After a successful career as a senior designer for a large Canadian retailer where she worked across the US and Europe she decided to return to Cape Town and start her own label.

Michelle finds inspiration from her love of nature and the effortless European style and flair. Michelle designs for the modern woman using quality fabrics, focusing on fit and tailoring to create an elegant look and laid-back luxury.

Michelle's label is designed and made by woman for woman who are not defined by fashion trends, but are fashion conscious and have an appreciation for beautiful fabrics and forms.

Michelle also debuted her Shoe Collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and says that shoe design seemed like a natural progression for her...

You can find Michell Ludek at the Watershed at the V&A Waterfront and some independent boutiques across the country. For more information visit her website at

Here I am wearing one of Michelle's latest designs inspired by Morocco and the Moroccan culture. A gorgeous, easy dress in her signature style of wrapping, draping and flowing fabrics...and as Michelle pointed out to me, can be worn in multiple ways! Three or four dresses in one is just an added bonus!

If you find yourself at the Watershed be sure to go and have a look at the Michelle Ludek Boutique...I guarantee it will be worth it and you will fall in love with every piece, possibly buy too much and still go back for more! Just like I'm going to do before I leave...

Thursday, 16 October 2014


I love wedges...they are my go-to shoes in summer! 

They give you that extra lift while still being comfortable plus they are a great alternative to heels. No wardrobe is complete without at least one of the above styles...tan wedges literally go with everything, nude wedges will lengthen your legs, black ones are classic, leopard print is a neutral and the metallic wedges are a glam option for evening!

I have just given you 5 great reasons to try the wedge for me, they are stylish, fashionable and glamorous with the added bonus of being mommy friendly too!


How on earth am I going to pack for 12 weeks in 1 suitcase??? 

My husband and I are relocating countries…(again) next month and I have to "condense" my wardrobe into 1 small suitcase for 12 weeks!!! How on earth am I going to do that??? I have to have options…I'm a girl that need options!

It will be 12 long weeks before I see my beloved shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery and clothes again…and not only do I have the trauma and stress to decide what prized pieces are coming with me in my suitcase, I have the added pressure to pack for 2 counties, with 2 climates and 2 different cultures to consider! A little challenging I might add…not one to shy away from a challenge and "putting the big girl pants on" as my husband will say…BRING IT ON!

So, this is what I'm thinking…pack for 10 days and allow for lots of shopping along the way!

These are the items coming with me:

2x pairs of pants (black/cream)
2x of leggings (leather/plain)
2x of jeans (dark wash/light wash)
1x maxi dress (black)
2x short dresses (black/nautical)
1x skirt (grey)
1x jumpsuit
1x black leather jacket
1x denim jacket
3x t-shirts (black/white/grey)
2x tops (black leather/white leather)
1x swimsuit plus cover up and hat
5x pairs of underwear
1x clutch bag
1x day bag
1x belt
2x wedges (black/tan)
1x slip on trainers (leopard print)
1x sparkly/embellished flat sandals
1x Havianas
3x sets of jewellery (1 gold set/1 silver set/1 statement necklace)
Basic make-up (foundation/concealer/bronzer/eyebrow pencil/eyeliner/mascara/statement lipstick)

See what I mean??? This is quite basic for me…if I can stick to this list and not add some "sneaky" pieces just in case!!!

Let me know what you think of my packing list and if I can add something more or have forgotten anything?
Trying to keep it Glamour on the Go!!!


This is one trend I'm not so sure looks great on the runway and on the models and magazine shoots, but on me...not so much! 
Culottes are a very tricky trend to pull off...the volume of the fabric and the length where it hits your calf can be very unflattering if you are a bigger bone structure like me...BUT I love, love, love the leather ones shown here! The fabric is tough but glamorous and paired with the right accessories you can totally rock this look! So...pair it with pointy mules, a basic tank top and some statement accessories with a red lippy and you will nail this tricky and difficult trend with ease!

Weekly Fashion Trend...White Denim Jacket

If there is one thing you go out and buy this week...make it a denim jacket. Not just any denim
jacket...a white denim jacket!
Think how much you wear your denim jacket and how versatile it can literally wear it with everything and anything in your wardrobe.
Now add a white one to your collection and you have your summer cover up sorted. Wear over a
maxi dress or with a maxi skirt and tank, or pants and a t-shirt...the options are limitless and it will quickly become your favourite summer go to piece! Have a look at your favourite high street shops, they are sure to have them in stock!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Style Tip...Red

Want a quick glamour look?

My no1 styling tip for instant lipstick! It's bold and makes a statement. Not much else is needed apart from some mascara and you have a glamorous look in seconds. Fresh faced but never bare faced...there is a shade of red for everyone out there. My favourite is MAC Red...but there are countless options for all price ranges...go and explore...find your red!

Monday, 6 October 2014


I love this trend for summer...I have seen it last Winter/Autumn in soft greys, charcoal and winter white, but this time round its bright and colourful!
Pick a colour, any colour from the rainbow and stick to that one colour throughout your outfit...a dress in one colour and then just add your shoes and accessories in the same colour or a pants and top set is easy. I love electric blue and fuchsia pink...maybe a sunshine yellow will look great with my hair, even a punchy orange? The key is to wear the same colour throughout your outfit. Only one colour. 
You can also try this trend with soft pastels, but again, only one don't want to look like an ice cream! My pick would be a soft mint.
This trend will not only make you look fab, but also elongate your shape and frame plus brighten up 
your summer wardrobe!

Friday, 3 October 2014


How much is too much?

Image courtesy of Pinterest
In my opinion there is no such thing as too much! The more the merrier is my motto and I'm definitely not a minimalist kind of girl...
When it comes to jewellery and accessories I say pile it on! Wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable with, add your personality.
Jewellery is the finishing touch to your outfit. I like matching sets or the complete opposite...clashing my jewellery, but still remaining in the same colour palette. I like costume jewellery and big statement pieces that are a little bit quirky and different, whether it's a necklace, earrings, a cuff or bangle or a big chunky cocktail ring - that's me! 

Find what suits you...find your might be layering long pendants or lots of bangles and bracelets...maybe a pair of classic diamond studs? Whatever you prefer...wear it, show your personality and pile it on!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Yiunam Leung Fashion Illustration
Yiunam Leung is a London and Hong Kong based Fashion Illustrator and owner of Rings & Tings online fashion store. His worked has appeared at Harrods and Elle Japan amongst many more.