Thursday, 29 January 2015

Style in the City - January Glamour

In this month's Style in the City I'm showing you all my glam January highlights. What I got in the sales, where I went, what I did and most importantly what I wore!

This was my 1st sale purchase of the year...Tom Ford Velvet Orchid 100ml for Dhs365 form
A considerable discount from the normal price...score!
For a nice girly night out, this entire outfit was bought in the sales for less that  Dhs100! I am NOT joking!
A charming visit to the Miracle Gardens in Dubai.
All the world famous landmarks in flowers.
This is what I wore on the 1st of 52 date nights this my matching bag and shoes from Splash and my vintage YSL earrings.
Yes we went all the way to the top and touched the sky at the Burj Khalifa.
One of my Christmas presents dressed up and now in my office. Love my mannequin.
My inspiration wall in my office...a work in progress.
Some of my favourite items I wore this month.
Shoes...beautiful shoes...all bought in the sales! I know...gorgeous right?
And...some of the bags I got! The gold Michael Kors one is by far my favourite...also from
This is the outfit I wore to a BIG fashion meeting and networking event.
And...I'm now the official Stylist for AFWDubai - definitely the highlight of my month!
Plus I was Nr 2 in Google search!
And there you have it! My favourite and most glamorous moments of the month. Make sure you check back at the end of next month to see what I got up to in February.


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Style Tip - Denim Jacket

How do I glam up my denim jacket?

Every closet should have a denim jacket. It truly is an investment piece. Buy the best quality denim jacket you can afford...and you will get your money's worth time and time again! You can wear your denim jacket with everything in your closet guaranteed! Even denim on denim - just make sure your colour washes are different. 
Wear it to the office with a pencil skirt or smart cigarette pants, wear it shopping and lunch with your girlfriends with a flowing maxi dress or skirt, wear it on date night with a LBD or sparkly mini, wear it in winter with a scarf or summer as a light cover up, wear it super casual with trainers...the options are limitless.
You can go for classic blue or even a white denim jacket, which will be great for summer and if you really daring try a coloured one, but definitely invest in one!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Weekly Fashion Trend - Micro Trends

Firstly, what is a micro trend? 

Well, according to the Wise Geek - While subtle and sometimes unnoticed, trends of this type can exert an impact that is experienced long after those trends have subsided - so...basically it's a trend that starts off small and then might have a huge impact eventually...

Lets look at 3 micro trends that are going to make a huge impact come Spring/Summer 2015. Traditionally within the fashion industry, if an item or a look appears on the runway 3 times or more its considered a trend for the upcoming season. 

3 micro trends to embrace now are:

1. The mini handbag
Not practical at all and unable to fit anything more than a lipstick, a credit card and maybe your phone, but looks sooo cute! Maybe best saved for a night out...
All the big houses are doing them with teeny tiny versions of the original bag, like Chanel, Prada, Celine and Mulberry to name a few...

2. Bejewelled collars
This trend seems a bit prim and proper, but with lots of bling! Think Peter Pan collars or pointy collars with as much embellishment as you can manage and then simply wear it with a white t-shirt and jeans...or be totally different and bling up your jacket collar.

3. Big belts
The bigger the better! As seen on the runways of Versace and D&G. Now, please don't go for the heavyweight champion of the world look and to prevent looking like a Rocky wannabe, keep the focus to one part of the belt e.g. if the buckle is big make sure the belt itself is medium or small width, if the belt is wide make sure the other features remain minimalistic...confusing I know!
Belt your jacket or shirt for a modern look. 

Embrace just one of these 3 micro trends and you could soon be starting something everyone around you will want to follow!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Style Tip - The Art of Lace

How to make lace modern?

Lace is back! Not like you remember it though...
Look no further than Balmain Resort 2015. Bright citrus, blue and fuchsia pink colours replace the pale and cream lace of era's gone by...

The lace has been toughened up by heavy embellishment like only Balmain can and paired with leathers, ripped jeans, "dominatrix" type heels and gilded accessories. Pretty with major edge!

Now, for us everyday girls that don't really wear Balmain on any given day, we can still take inspiration...take your favourite ripped jeans, your highest black heels, your boldest gold jewellery and wear it all with a bright lace top! Easy! You will be rocking your own "Balmain" look and be right on trend while doing it.

If wearing lace tops and skirts are not for you, why not try the lace open toe bootie? Also a Balmain invention! And so gorgeous. Wear it with leather pants and a white t-shirt with the same bold gold jewellery and you will still be right on trend with the fashion pack!

(All images courtesy of Pinterest)

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Weekly Fashion Trend - Statement vs Classic

Weekly Fashion Trend - Statement vs Classic

Want to bring your wardrobe into 2015? 

Add statement pieces like necklaces, earrings, rings, cuffs and bangles, shoes and a great handbag to your classic and basic wardrobe. A tailored black tuxedo jacket, a good quality white t-shirt and dark wash straight leg jeans will provide a stylish blank canvas to make your wardrobe statement with.

Make a statement this year with breathtaking and eye-catching accessories!

(This look was created using Polyvore. For more fashion inspiration go and have a look at my Polyvore page).

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Style Tip - Colour of the year

How do I wear the colour of the year?

The Pantone colour of the year 2015 is Marsala. Its a rich, beautiful burgundy, maroon colour that reminds me of a fabulous red also happens to be my favourite colour!

I can think of a million ways to wear it myself, but for those that prefer the more subtle approach - nail polish or lipstick will be the easiest way to adopt this gorgeous colour into your everyday lifestyle.

If you want a little more exposure simply play around with accessories...jewellery, handbags and shoes are a great way to embrace this colour. They add a touch more to your look than nail polish or lipstick and make just enough of a statement.

If you want to totally embrace this colour but unsure what to wear it with...jeans is always a winner! However, if you feel daring why not try one of these colours below? You will be right on fashion and stylish with the colour of the year!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Weekly Fashion Trend - Fashion Resolutions

This week I'm showing you your Fashion Resolutions for 2015. These are the only 5 resolutions you will need to update and carry your closet this whole year!

Fashion Resolution 1

Make an effort.
Every time you leave the house make sure you look decent, your outfit is clean and ironed and you hair is chipped nail polish either and wear some lipstick. Basically make an effort! If you have limited time in the morning try and plan your outfit the night before. Trust me it will make your day much better and you will feel a million dollars!

Fashion Resolution 2

Wear what you like.
Find out what you like and wear it...whatever it is! Don't worry what people might think or if it will suit you...if you like it wear it. Simple!

Fashion Resolution 3

Follow the trends.
Buy monthly fashion magazines. Read fashion blogs. Know what goes on in fashion. You don't have to be a slave to fashion...just be interested in whats going on in the fashion world. Follow your favourite celebrity and see what they're wearing. You will be surprised how fashionable they might be. Pick one thing from their style that you like and try and incorporate it into your daily look...easy!

Fashion Resolution 4

Find your style.
What do you like wearing? Who's style do you like? What is your lifestyle and daily routine? What do you not like wearing? Answer these questions and you find your personal style...Try and stick to it and wear variations of it as your daily "uniform".

Fashion Resolution 5

Accessories add personality to your outfit. It makes a statement and completes any outfit. Don't go without it!

I'm sure these will be the easiest resolutions to stick to this whole year!

(All images courtesy of Pinterest.)

Monday, 5 January 2015

Weekly Fashion Trend - Haute Couture

Happy New Year! 

We are kicking off 2015 in true style, fashion and glamour! This week I'm showing you how to "Haute Couture" your closet and personal style...and we are learning from the very best within the fashion industry!

Haute Couture Rule 1: Turn up the volume with your skirts and dresses...step out in your ball gown with a relaxed white t-shirt. Take inspiration from Giambattista Valli. This Italian couturier's presentation included a series of candy hued tulle confections. The Giambattista girl is eccentric and the epitome of fashion.

Haute Couture Rule 2 : Couture is not for the fainthearted. Make a statement and say what you're thinking by wearing a slogan t-shirt with a sequin skirt or leather pants. Don't be afraid to express yourself. The Maison Martin Margiela show paired colourful slogans with delicate sequins and encrusted patch work. Take your cue from this designer's vivid colour explosion.

Haute Couture Rule 3 : Embellishment! The more bling the better! The statement necklace is the perfect way to embrace this trend...look no further than Chanel's interpretation of Versailles, the opulence that is synonymous with Marie Antoinette and that era...Chanel also featured "seamless couture" - coats and jackets made from a single piece of fabric.

Haute Couture Rule 4 : Metallics are not only for night time. Incorporate them into your day look by pairing them with neutrals or with high shine jewellery like metallic cuffs, earrings and necklaces. Take your fashion advice from Donatella Versace who used metallics to make couture modern.

Haute Couture Rule 5 : Red is a strong colour, intense and striking. Wear this bold look with simple lines or in accessories. Embrace your playful side as Armani Prive did during his summer shows.

Haute Couture Rule 6 : Soft, sheer, pastel fabric is romantic, elegant and feminine. Revealed in the right places in the right amounts can express limitless luxury as in Elie Saab's world... taking advice from these 6 big designers you can transform your closet and your style by joining the exclusive world of Haute Couture and start off the New Year in true fashion, style and glamour!

(All images courtesy of Pinterest)

Style Tip - Corporate jeans

How to make your jeans more work appropriate.

Style Tip - Corporate jeans

Wearing jeans to work has become much more acceptable in today's corporate world...however there are still unwritten rules. This is an example of how to style your jeans work appropriate but still look stylish, fashionable and glamorous.

Firstly, always wear dark wash straight leg jeans...please don't rock up at work or a meeting in your shredded or faded jeans unless you work in a extremely creative add a smart blouse or top, even a nice jacket, some classic accessories (save the bling for the weekend), stylish high heel pumps and finish off the look with a nice manicure.

In this outfit I have added some pops of colour with the blue studs and Prada bag to add some interest and keep it from looking a little boring. The top is definitely the focus point and not your usual style which adds just that touch of glamour...and a twist of unexpectedness.

When you are shopping for a similar look start with dark wash skinny jeans, next look for a structured or tailored top with an interesting shape or something a little different, classic pointed toe high heeled pumps, a medium size structured handbag in a plain colour and classic accessories like studs, hoops, cuffs and bangles in gold or silver.

With this look you will definitely be fashion forward within the corporate world.

(This look was created using Polyvore)