Saturday, 30 May 2015

Style Tip - Speed Shopping...

Do you have limited time for shopping?

Let's talk Speed Shopping. You might wonder what that is? Let me share my best kept secret... 

I have no time. I have 2 small children and a full time job as a stylist and running a fashion agency. In between the school run, meetings, attending events and caring for my family, my time is down to almost zero. So how do I manage to shop for myself? And when do I manage to do it?

If you have a spare 90 min I can teach you the art of Speed Shopping. It takes organisation and planning off course but I always start by picking just one shop...a shop that sells not only clothes, but shoes, accessories and jewellery too, like Zara, H&M, River Island or Mango. A department store like Bloomingdales or Harvey Nichols is perfect! Everything under one roof. 

Next, decide what you want. A complete outfit, including shoes and all the accessories. Then start scouting the rails and pick a few options, choose a pair of shoes you love and the bag and jewellery to match you options. Then head to the change room and try on your options - not more than 2 or 3. Make sure you wear something that is easy and quick to change.

The whole process should take no longer than 90 min at a comfortable pace. Try it the next time you are at the shops. Make friends with the sales assistance who will be on hand to help you and always take a couple of different sizes into the changing rooms in case you need it. This will save a lot of time...

This is how I shop most of the time...unless I'm on holiday and have a couple of hours to spare. This is my best kept secret and top tip for Speed Shopping. I hope it comes in handy!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Style Tip - The Lust List...

What's on my Lust List?

Black leather, lace up, peep toe, edgy and fierce all rolled into one! Wear it with a cocktail dress, a maxi skirt, jeans or leather - skirt or pants.

Black and gold fleck Chanel cuff...classic Chanel mixed with rock chic - my ultimate!

Red matte latest obsession! Not glossy, not sheer, not lipgloss - bold, bright red matte lipstick. Preferably Tom Ford, Chanel or YSL...

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Weekly Fashion News - Paris...

Paris is always a good idea...I'm on my way to Paris tonight as part of my 40th birthday gift from my husband, but also doing a little bit of work sourcing an amazing designer based in Paris for our new fashion business - win/win right? So, I thought it would be perfect and very suited taking a look at Paris fashion and what the Parisian fashionista wears. 

What to pack? The mood in Paris is much more elegant and romantic...think Valentino and Maison Margiela, the romantic bohemian vibe...but more sophisticated.

How to dress? Modern, sensual, sophisticated and classic...this is what I think of when I think of Paris - dark skinny jeans, pointy flats, silk camisoles and a smart jacket with red lips, classic gold, rose gold or silver jewellery and a well kept manicure.

And thats it...easy as un, deux, trois! 

Au revoir...
(All images courtesy of Pinterest)

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Introducing Moda Africa!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Moda Africa! Moda Africa is my new business I'm launching in partnership with my very fashionable aunt, purely because of our love for African Fashion...This is our first monthly Style Newsletter. Let us show you the wonderful world of African Fashion!


Moda Africa is a fashion agency introducing and representing African Fashion Designers in the Middle East and America, by providing them with various platforms to show and sell their collections to the international fashion industry.

When you think of Africa, traditional clothing, bright, vibrant fabrics and prints spring to mind. Whilst this is very much a part of the African culture and heritage, African fashion is influencing the international runways with legendary designers like Oscar de la Renta, Issey Miyaki and Nicholas Kirkwood taking inspiration from the continent...Moda Africa represents everything from Accessories to Ready-to-Wear collections and Haute Couture.

Moda Africa would love to introduce you to Taibo Bacar from Mozambique. Taibo Bacar is a brand known for its fusion of high fashion and ready to wear, created in 2008 by the designer Taibo Bacar. Today Taibo Bacar is considered one of the leading brands in Africa.

A brand that emphasizes the feminine body using only selected cutting techniques and the highest grade of materials, making every Taibo Bacar woman a unique being that is envied, respected and adored. 

The brand has won many international awards and was the first African brand to showcase at Milan Fashion Week. It is a brand that is slowly conquering the world, always remaining faithful to its roots and forever valuing the timeless creations designed in Mozambique and Africa.

Moda Africa is passionate about fashion, especially African design. The interest in African style is trending and the fabrics, colours and patterns emerging from the continent is nothing short of breathtaking. This interest also coincides with a fashion movement from indigenous designers who are blazing a trail with collections that reflect both traditional Africa as well as incorporating a more contemporary style.

Moda Africa is committed to promoting and representing our designers, their collections and their brand with passion, loyalty and a standard of excellence. 

We hope you have enjoyed our first issue...our next Style News will be out 15 June! Make sure not to miss it. Want more Moda Africa? Please like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram. For more information please visit our website. All the links are below.

(All images courtesy of Pinterest)

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Style Tip - Shop like a Fashion Editor...

How to shop like a Fashion Editor?

This week we're talking jewellery. Whatever your style...ladylike, modern and sleek, sporty or creative, you can steal the show. With these tips you too can shop like a Fashion Editor!

Ladylike - Subtly feminine. Look for pretty gems, flecks of sparkle and fine details. Classic pearls with a modern twist...

Sporty - Your jewellery doesn't always have to be obviously pretty. Look for geometric pieces with a touch of masculinity, with just enough girliness, like a modern, big watch with little sparkles or a pretty face...

Modern and sleek - Elegant. Stacking a couple rose gold bangles or gold rings. A simple and modern gold cuff will complete your look perfectly...

Creative - Bold. Outspoken. Statement jewellery like neck pieces, earrings and oversized rings will suit you perfectly... 

I hope these simple tips will have you shopping like a Fashion Editor the next time you go out looking for jewellery.