Friday, 29 November 2013

Liv Style Magazine Summer Issue 2013

Go and have a look at my blog and Summer Fashion for Liv Style Magazine! This is the latest fashion recognition I received! As its almost holiday time I have selected a variety of fabulous fashion options to take you from beach to bar! As always have a FAB time whatever you do wherever you are!!!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Glamour on the Go: BRISBANE DESIGNER FASHION SHOW 2013: Sitting front row at a fashion event is always close you can almost touch the fabric, see every little detail and be swept aw...


Sitting front row at a fashion event is always close you can almost touch the fabric, see every little detail and be swept away with the slight breeze as the models strut their stuff on the runway leaving you in their trail...the lights, the music and the gorgeous clothes all make it a beautiful 10 min of pure clothes delight!

My favourite designers of the night without a doubt was NIKI TELJEGA , who not only organised the whole event but also closed the show with her beautiful designs, KAFTAN QUEEN and LIPOA THREADS.

The Old Museum was the perfect venue with its wooden floors, high ceilings and stunning chandeliers which added the perfect amount of glamour.

NIKI TELJEGA - My favourite of the night! Lots of sparkles, glamour and sheer fabrics making her collection feminine and a little risqué! Loved it!
KAFTAN QUEEN - Glamorous kaftan's to take you from beach to bar! Made from silk, sourced from all over the world and tailored in the UAE, which is ironic as I used to live in the UAE for 10 years! Maybe that's why I love them so much!

LIPOA THREADS - Her collections are inspired by Africa...the colourful fabrics and beautiful beads made me miss home...maybe I'm biased as I'm from Africa, but the richness and the culture were part of her designs.


These are my favourite looks from MBFWA. The maxi dresses, floral watercolour prints, animal prints, geometric prints, sheer, embellished and print on print. These are all stunning trends for the upcoming season and are soft, floaty and so feminine.

Monday, 4 November 2013


All these pieces are simply gorgeous. Classic pieces that will last a lifetime and will only get better with age and time.
Animal print will always be in fashion and the printed pants are very cool and quirky, the denim skirt and tan bag are timeless and the dress is a modern version of lace and sheer, plus you can never go wrong with Chanel!


Many years ago I lived in the Middle East, the land of luxury and opulence. I was having my nails done one afternoon – as you do…what happened next was just incredible!

I was sitting next to a local Arabic lady. We started chatting and the conversation quickly turned to fashion! As it turned out she made regular trips to all the fashion capitals and shopped the latest collections from the runways. She attended all 4 major Fashion Weeks – London, Paris, Milan and New York – EVERY season! Gosh I wanted her life…a life where money was just no object and nothing was out of reach…

While talking I complimented her on her Gucci handbag and simply said how I loved it and was looking at getting one just like it…someday! She gracefully accepted the complement and quickly added that she only wears the latest season and when next season rolls on she will simple discard the bag!!! I was horrified and she must have seen it on my face…how can you just “discard” a Gucci???

She told me she often did a clear out and passed her beloved items on to friends or friends of friends who have commented on certain items and that it made her happy to give her pre loved bags to people who simply couldn’t afford what she had…

Anyway, long story short…she finished before me, we said goodbye and she left. I remember thinking to myself what a lovely lady she was and how friendly she came across…As I was waiting for my nails to dry I saw her walking towards me again (I thought she left) she passed me a Gucci carrier bag and simply said “enjoy”, kissed the top of my head, turned around and walked out the salon…I never saw her again, and she will properly not remember me…but I will never forget her!

I’m sure you can imagine what was in the carrier bag??? Yes, the Gucci handbag!

Today, when I use the bag I fondly recall that afternoon in the nail spa…and it always makes me feel a million dollars! And then I wonder…is it the gift of giving or the art of giving??? Either or…the act of giving always remains amazing!


This dress is magnificent! The colour is gorgeous, the puffiness is dreamy and I love the opulence, drama and gold detail. A dress fit for a queen!