Friday, 29 August 2014


What pieces will take my wardrobe into Spring?

These are my picks for taking your wardrobe from Winter into Spring with just a few stylish additions. Each piece bring so much variety and new outfit options to your wardrobe and will work perfectly with what you already have…

(Images courtesy of Pinterest)

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Taking glamour to the max this week…hands down my favourite look of the Emmys! 

This Monique Lhuillier paint stroke dress is exquisite! Just confirming that the paint or brush stoke trend that I blogged about earlier this week is the latest fashion for the upcoming season…

The colour blends beautifully and the matching single strap ankle stilettos are elegant and glamorous. The boxy clutch matches perfectly and her hair and makeup is beautifully minimalist.

Personally I would have added more jewellery to create a little drama and edginess (its all about edge for me - not much of a minimalist girl…) either stacked bangles in different tones and sparkle or big statement bling earrings…the strapless bodice acsensuates her bust and neckline while the abstract skirt adds a beautiful shape and the thigh high slit just a little bit sexy…all together a definite winner in my opinion and something I would have worn should I have gone to the Emmys…in my dreams!

Monday, 25 August 2014


Bright, beautiful colours tell me Summer is on the way!
The latest trend for the upcoming season is paint or brush strokes…it looks like someone took a paint brush and just roughly coloured the fabric and I love it!

For someone who doesn't really like too much pattern or colour this is perfect…although its bright and busy the pattern is abstract and edgy, not soft and girly. Perfect to add a bit of a focal point to an otherwise plain outfit…look for it in shoes, bags, dresses, skirts and tops and keep the look to one statement or focus piece.

Add a dark wash pair of jeans or black cigarette pants, a plain t-shirt or some pointed heels or flat pumps with a statement lip and not much else…a look Picasso will surely approve of!

(Images courtesy of Pinterest)

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


How glamorous is this outfit???

This strapless nautical dress with horizontal stripes is so striking and simply stunning…it makes such a statement! Whoever said that thick, horizontal broad stripes make you look bigger and "fat"…nonsense! I say embrace what you have, flaunt it, wear it with confidence and a huge red lipstick smile!

I love the metallic strappy sandals with this dress and the sequin clutch add some sparkle and girliness to the look. A statement necklace like this chunky pearl one - which I love - compliments the dress and pulls the whole look together. Finish it off with a statement red lip, some colourful arm candy and a warm glow…perfect for a summer wedding, beach cocktails or a family lunch.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Monday, 18 August 2014


Palm trees, sunshine, sparkling blue water, summer…makes me think tropical…Miami, LA, Las Vegas!

I kind of "stumbled" across this trend…I've had a palm print silk pair of pants in my cupboard for a few seasons now and wore it a couple of weeks ago…then while reading all the latest fashion magazines and seeing all the Spring/Summer trends - palm prints/Miami vibes were popping up every where!

So, I will definitely find a few more ways to style my pants come summer…you might want to find yourself the perfect palm print to take you into Spring/Summer! 

Saturday, 16 August 2014


Shopping! I love shopping…it’s exciting, exhilarating, fun and very therapeutic. No wonder they call it RETAIL THERAPY! It’s food for the soul…like a psychiatrist only cheaper!

BUT it can also be frustrating (when you want something so bad and they don’t have your size), exhausting (when you see nothing you like) and mostly expensive (when you simply can’t afford those designer shoes or bag you want so desperately).

Luckily it’s mostly FUN! I have 2 little kiddies aged 3.5 and 1, so you can imagine my household is busy, noisy and challenging at times, so when my mom (who is visiting from South Africa at the moment) offered I take the afternoon to go shopping…I grabbed the chance before anyone could change their minds!

I went into the city and had a delightful afternoon browsing the shops, read my magazine while enjoying my “hot” latte (yes I often drink my coffee cold or with “something” floating in it that my son dropped in there) and just people watched…bliss, relaxing and therapeutic.

The shops were filled with bright, gorgeous summer colours in pink, yellow, green, orange and blue! Colours that lured me in and wanted me to buy everything at once! Colours that screamed summer is here! Colours that lifted my mood and my spirits instantly, colours that made me happy!

This made me think and ask the question…is fashion repeating itself? Is fashion taking and borrowing from eras and decades past? What is current right now or is it just history repeating itself?

All the neon in the shops reminded me of the 80’s, a happy place for me where the memories of friends, family and happy days live and great music meant lots of dancing and laughter – so yes shopping is fun and exciting and makes me happy!

After my afternoon of retail therapy I was ready to rush home in time to bath, feed and put my little munchkins to bed! HAPPINESS.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Calling all mommies! Get ready to up the glam factor this summer! Beautiful maxi dresses, gorgeous embellished sandals, colourful jewels and accessories…easy glamour! Let the sun shine…let the sunshine in - as Fifth Dimension said! (Forest Gump soundtrack)

Saturday, 9 August 2014


The online version…not food! 

I'm very late joining this "online" shopping community! I love going to the shops too much, feeling the fabric, seeing the texture and trying on for size…plus I want my shopping bags and purchases as soon as I pay for them! I don't have the patience to wait…until a few weeks ago! 

I do shop at one particular shop online from time to time. I'm familiar with their sizing and I love their up to the minute fashion at very affordable prices, plus they are South African so I feel like I'm getting a little piece of home every time I get a package in the mail! 

Then, I also discovered a great site for affordable jewellery, and ordered from them too...and just this morning I saw another great site with fabulous shoes that I'm thinking of ordering from…how quickly it draws you in! The thrill, excitement and anticipation of waiting for the mail to arrive every day! And then everything arrives at the same time and it feels like Christmas! (This is exactly what happened to me on Thursday…Thursday was a great day!)

SO...I have decided to step away from the computer…put my credit card in a bowl of water in the freezer…and hope this urge to add to my shopping cart disappears very soon…after I buy the fabulous shoes I saw this morning off course!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Looking for a stylish, fashionable and glamorous mommy outfit?

Look no further…this is the perfect outfit for a Glamour mommy on the Go! It ticks all the boxes without looking frumpy or momsy…

Monday, 4 August 2014


I'm not much of a dress person but when I do wear a dress I love the bodycon. I'm by no means skinny and consider myself curvy with a mommy tummy…thats why Spanx is my best friend when wearing dresses! It sucks and smooths in all the right places and I won't wear a dress without it anymore! There you have it…my secret weapon!

Also…go for a dress with a print or an illusion…not only do they hide a multitude of sins but also little sticky handprints! I like to wear them with kimono's, flats, wedges, a denim jacket or heels and always add fabulous accessories and a great bag. Easy summer dressing sorted!

You will find them all over the high street when the summer stock arrive. I got a great plain electric blue one on sale at Coles for $10 this morning while doing the weekly shop!!! Have a lookout how I style it on Istagram come summer…hurry up and let the sunshine in!!!

Saturday, 2 August 2014


Does your life run on routine? Do you have a set schedule for everything or do you just go with the flow…take life as it comes…c'est la vie???

Not me! 
NOOO! I'm a routine person, very organised and need a schedule…I'm not a spur of the moment kinda person and I hate surprises…I need to plan and be prepared for anything and everything…yet I'm ALWAYS late! For everything! At least 15 min…why you ask? How can someone so organised be late??? One answer…KIDS! I have kids! 2 of them…double up everything!

When I asked my husband what the most significant change was for him since having kids, he instantly replied "we can't just jump in the car and go somewhere…everything needs to planned out…nothing spur of the moment!" My husband "was" very much a "spur of the moment" kind of guy till we had kids! 

Which makes me ask the question…are your kids running your life? Are you scheduling your life around your kids bath and bed time? Is your day based on what time your kids have to nap??? 
Mine is…very much so! I make sure we do everything we need to do in the mornings so I can be home by 12, my kids can nap and I can have some quiet time…to just breath! Afternoons are normally reserved for playtime and play dates before dinner and "suicide hour" starts…between 5pm till 7pm!

Basically our kids routine also interferes with our social life. We very rarely take the kids out past 7pm…(unless we are on holiday) and we schedule lunch dates around their nap time…stupid you may say, a little silly perhaps, let them fit in with your life…yes totally, but for

my sanity and everyone around us we try to limit the tantrums and the meltdowns by sticking to a routine and a schedule. It works for us and keeps me looking glamorous, fashionable and stylish most of the time…