Saturday, 28 February 2015

Style in the City - February Glamour

In this month's Style in the City, I will show you what I got up to...February was very busy and went by sooooo fast! This year seems to be in full, flying force now!

This sign is at the entrance to my new, favourite, local beauty salon Tips and Toes...a great way to start the month!
I wore this floral dress and nude Jimmy Choo's to the Bubbalicious brunch at The Westin with some great friends and all our kids!
This is what I wore to "Highjack our kitchen" with Kelly Lundberg at her Absolutely Fabulous dinner party at the Urban
Kitchen in Dubai. This dress is from Judith Hobby Clothing and just amazing! I love her stuff...a great designer I will be shopping from regularly. Find her at Judith Hobby Clothing
I wore this sequin jumpsuit to date night one night at the Viceroy Hotel at the Yas Marina Circuit. I bought it on sale at Express for a bargain! My shoes are from Kmart at a steal too...
This dress is from Michelle Ludek, my absolute favourite SA designer and also a good friend. I wore this to celebrate a friend's birthday at the British Club in Abu Dhabi and paired it with another gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choo shoes and my Christian Siriano clutch I picked up at Payless for a bargain!
These are just a few of my favourite shoes I wore this month...
This is where I spent most of my time...from top to bottom - my closet, my office, my bedroom.
These are a few things I've been working on this month - AFWD, men's fashion, spring fashion, GOTG and Chanel...
Busy planning my trip to Paris with my Mommy in May and scored tickets to a private salon fashion show at Galeries Lafayette. Can't wait!!!
What I wore...
Absolutely Fabulous dinner party with Kelly Lundberg at the Urban Kitchen in Dubai. The menu was designed by Kelly and totally fashionable!
I'm currently working with AFWD - Africa Fashion Week Dubai 2015. These are some of my inspirations.
Some of this months "retail therapy"...
I attended this fabulous fashion event with Image Events and Model Agency at The Westin Hotel and had a great evening of gorgeous fashion where I met the very talented, award winning Irish Designer Marion Murphy Cooney. I bought a gorgeous cape dress from her and she is custom making me a stunning this space! I walked away with a mystery discount card from House of Fraser that I still need to spend...winner!
I did a Spring/Summer 2015 Trends and Fashion talk for Real Housewives of Abu Dhabi and this is what I wore. I added a pop of colour with my sunshine yellow bag - one of the must-have colours of the season!
More sequins and bling for a night out!
Yes...more shoes! It's hard to pick just a few of my favourites...
Me and my princess girl blowing a few other cool things.
My Monkey Moo trying on Mommy's "balance shoes" to give him extra "super powers", together with Chanel, Marc Jacobs in arabic and Alexander McQueen...
My latest haircut, which I love!!! And all my "nails" this month...

Gosh I have been busy! 
I hope you enjoyed having a peek into my life...behind the scenes its not all glamour...its the reality of being a mommy with two young kiddies that need all my attention and certainly keep me looking and feeling very much Glamour on the Go!

Remember for more fashion inspiration keeping coming back. Here's to another glamour month ahead! Till the end of March, keep up with Glamour on the Go!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Style Tip - Sunshine Yellow

What is the best way to wear yellow?

Yellow is one of the great new colours this Spring/Summer. It's not a colour everyone can or likes to wear and it certainly doesn't suit everyone, however it is a happy colour and it screams summer! The easiest way to incorporate yellow into your wardrobe are through accessories. 
A jacket, handbag, a statement necklace or a gorgeous pair of shoes. Small amounts can make a big and bright sunny impact!

All above images courtesy of Pinterest.

Here I have added a sunshine yellow handbag to my daily look for a pop of colour. 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Weekly Fashion Trend - Spring into Fashion

This week's Weekly Fashion Trend we are looking at my top 3 Spring/Summer trends and how to incorporate them into your daily wardrobe without spending a fortune and still looking fabulously on trend!

What to look for this Spring/Summer. 
Neutrals - black/white/grey/gold/silver and denim.
Colour - yellow/fuchsia and midnight blue.
Florals - big, bright and abstract.

This is a perfect daytime look. You can wear this while shopping, lunching, coffee dates and the school run plus much more...

Start with a neutral, like this denim dress, even a denim skirt is a great option for summer, add a floral kimono, some gold (neutral) demi wedges and a pop of colour with your accessories like this yellow handbag. Add some contrasting jewellery like these stripe bangles to keep it a little edgy. With this look you are easily covering 3 Spring/Summer trends without looking like a fashion victim...

For date night try a midnight blue dress with some interesting detail like this one and add bright accessories like fuchsia and an abstract floral box clutch to edge it up a bit...

These are just a few key trends from the multitude of what is on offer this coming season. Break it down so you don't get overwhelmed when you go shopping. Remember to start with a your basic neutral, add pops of colour to your look and small accent pieces to build a great Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Style Tip - Khaki Pants

How do I wear my khaki pants without looking like I'm going on Safari or joining the Army?

Slim fitting, cropped and with heels! Always...

So this is a big trend for Spring/Summer. The khaki pants. I would suggest 2 options. Either slim fitting and cropped, or harem style scrunched up to expose the ankles. But always wear heels. If you wear flats they will not give you the elongated look we are looking for and then people might think you are going on safari or perhaps channeling a little bit of Private Benjamin...

Pair it with a pop of colour and girly accessories and add some statement jewellery with a funky t-shirt. To pull the whole look together, simply add a tailored jacket and you will look like you stepped of the pages of a fashion magazine and not Saving Private Ryan!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Weekly Fashion Trend - The Golden Rule of Fashion...

The Golden Rule of Fashion 
Being a fashion stylist people always ask me what I think they should wear, does this or that suit them and their body shape, what are the latest trends and what is currently in fashion…and that’s great, its my job and what I love to do…however I will start every styling session with the Golden Rule of Fashion.

Be Yourself! Unless you are comfortable with yourself and your body, you will never be comfortable in fashion…trends come and go, fashion changes daily, but you remain the same, the same body shape and the same person inside. Learn to love who you are first, with all your lumps and bumps and understand that even the models in fashion magazines don’t look like that in real life…only then you will wear fashion and fashion wont wear you…

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Weekly Fashion Trend - The Fashion Game...

The Fashion Game…for the men in our life.


We all have men in our life that need a little help in the fashion department right? You’ll never say my husband is married to a fashion stylist! He seriously dislikes shopping and only wears a few variations of the same thing…yet he loves it when I buy him a new shirt…as long as it fits in with his taste!

So, how do you help your man be more fashionable? Slowly and little by little…don’t bombard him with choices and crazy colours. Keep it simple, classic and still very much “manly.”

Start with a great pair of jeans. Dark wash and fitted, not baggy and not skinny, just relaxed. Then add a smart shirt with a very subtle pattern, nothing wild. Over that a tailored suit jacket in a modern cut and neutral colour, maybe even a subtle hint of colour, some smart dress shoes, a leather belt and a classic, big watch – which will act as a statement accessory.

Before he realizes what you’re doing he will catch his reflection in the mirror and like what he sees…and you would have beaten him in this fashion game! Score! Fashion – 1 Husband - 0

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Style Tip - Circle skirts

How to wear the biggest trend of the season?

The circle skirt is huge...every runway show and fashion event I have attended in the last month featured them! From gorgeous brocade, to metallic silks and florals or polkadots...wear them mid length with heels, never flats or wedges, they will cut off your legs at the widest part and make them look huge! Plus heels are much more stylish and glamorous. Add a simple top in a neutral shade like a t-shirt or singlet to keep the focus on the skirt. Make sure your skirt has pockets as they just add that fabulous extra feature. Don't wear it with a big bulky handbag either, keep the look clean and simple with a statement box clutch and add your usual statement accessories like earrings, a bling necklace, lots of bangles or a cuff, a big cocktail ring will look very stylish too for a little personality...

Monday, 2 February 2015

Style Tip - Sunglasses

What are the "must have" sunglasses for the Spring/Summer season?

You simply can not go wrong with classic black slightly cat shaped sunglasses. Add to that Chanel and you already have a classic...add to that pearls studded along the frames, and you have masterpiece perfection!

This is a beautiful pair of sunglasses and definitely on my summer mush have list...if you want a cheaper option, still follow the above rules and look for classic black cat framed sunglasses with some embellishment on the frames and you will be summer ready and right on trend!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Weekly Fashion Trend - The Big 5

In this week's fashion trend I'm introducing you to my Big 5...these are my top 5 designers. From each designer I have selected one stand out piece that is deemed classic and an absolute lifetime investment. These are the pieces you hand down from generation to generation and if you are lucky enough to have just one of these pieces in your closet consider yourself not only very fortunate but one of the select few to own a piece of fashion history...

The absolute piece de la resistance for me is the Chanel 2.55, named after the month it was created February 1955. Inspired by the straps on soldier's bags, Coco Chanel was tired of carrying a bag in her hand as she was always loosing them, and wanted something to carry over her shoulders. The quilted material was thought to be inspired by her love of riding and the maroon coloured lining on the inside was the colour of her school uniform at Catholic school. And the hidden pouch in the was to carry secret love letters...
Today its considered an absolute luxury and a major assets to any closet!

Next up is definitely a Dior dress...Christian Dior was a master at creating shapes and silhouettes, bustier-style bodices and wasp-waisted corsets, giving woman a very curvaceous form. Today Dior is considered one of only 2 high end Haute Couture houses in the world! So...owning a Dior dress is definitely a major investment and a piece of history!

Who can forget Carrie Bradshaw's electric blue Manolo Blahnik's at her infamous wedding??? The ones Big proposed with and the ones that ultimately brought them back together...Gosh, they are gorgeous and what a piece of TV history you have right there to pass down to your daughter along with your SATC box set! In 1970 Monolo had a chance meeting with the editor-in-chief of US Vogue who admired his shoe sketches and advised him to become a shoe designer.

The Cartier Tank was created in 1917 and inspired by the tanks found in the First World War battlefields. The defining features include its bold roman numeral dial, sword shaped blue steel hands and a sapphire cabochon surmounted crown. The tank has become the most highly coveted wristwatch of all time and has graced the wrists of Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana and Yves Saint Laurent...

Last but not least are the Gucci Ballet Flats. With beginnings at the end of the 19th century the company used cotton canvas rather than leather during World War 2 due to material shortages. The canvas was distinguished by the signature double G symbol still synonymous with the brand today and considered an item of immense luxury and craftsmanship. Owning a pair of these ballet flats will most certainly last a lifetime...

 And there you have it...a little bit of fashion history this week. If you own any of these items consider yourself a very lucky girl...I know I am so fortunate to own a Chanel 2.55 and a Cartier Tank...I'm still working on the rest...