Sunday, 8 February 2015

Weekly Fashion Trend - The Fashion Game...

The Fashion Game…for the men in our life.


We all have men in our life that need a little help in the fashion department right? You’ll never say my husband is married to a fashion stylist! He seriously dislikes shopping and only wears a few variations of the same thing…yet he loves it when I buy him a new shirt…as long as it fits in with his taste!

So, how do you help your man be more fashionable? Slowly and little by little…don’t bombard him with choices and crazy colours. Keep it simple, classic and still very much “manly.”

Start with a great pair of jeans. Dark wash and fitted, not baggy and not skinny, just relaxed. Then add a smart shirt with a very subtle pattern, nothing wild. Over that a tailored suit jacket in a modern cut and neutral colour, maybe even a subtle hint of colour, some smart dress shoes, a leather belt and a classic, big watch – which will act as a statement accessory.

Before he realizes what you’re doing he will catch his reflection in the mirror and like what he sees…and you would have beaten him in this fashion game! Score! Fashion – 1 Husband - 0

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