Friday, 28 November 2014

Style in the City - Elle Fashion Cupboard

Last night I got to step inside the Elle Magazine SA Fashion Cupboard! 

This must be every woman's dream right? Visions of row upon row of shoes, bags, accessories, clothes, cosmetics and beauty products come to mind...a Devil wears Prada moment! 

The Elle Fashion and Beauty cupboard was nothing like that...surprised??? Instead it was elegant, understated and classic with muted tones and colours showcasing the the clothes and letting the accessories and beauty products do the talking! 

A look inside the fashion cupboard.

There are only two Elle Fashion Cupboards worldwide - Elle SA being one of them and Elle UK the other. How amazing is that? It's so wonderful to know that Elle SA are are at the forefront of what's happening in fashion right now! The concept behind the fashion cupboard is to provide a space for designers, boutiques and retailers to showcase their merchandise and then have the fashion team at Elle style the garments to show the readers how to wear the items and tell the story.

Last night the Elle Fashion Cupboard was showcasing Tamara Cherie Dyson - the latest Elle/Mr Price MRP Rising Star winner. Metallics and sheer fabrics in soft colours was the main theme with the idea of bridging Northern and Southern Hemisphere seasons...making the clothing wearable in both climates with just a few minor adjustments by adding and removing different layers. Tamara's range will be available at Mr Price in the new year so make sure you have a look out for that!

With a few of the "Ellebelles" from left - Emilie, Tarryn, Louise and Elle Rising Star Tamara.

I also got to see where the magic happens...where the pages of Elle gets put together and comes to life! The girls don't have designated desk space and each morning everyone just sits where ever there is a free desk...even next to Emilie if you lucky enough! This creates a much more relaxed and intimate work environment ensuring the Elle reader gets first hand fashion advice and expertise! 

A closer look inside the Elle offices.

Once again Elle SA has exceeded my expectations with a brand new concept and a 1st for SA in the fashion industry...with Emilie at the helm only exciting things are instore for the magazine!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Style Tip - Denim Pencil Skirts

How to style your denim pencil skirt?

Want to know what is the hottest addition to my closet this week? The pencil denim skirt! Possibly my most loved item right now...
I like the distressed, faded version and find it just as versatile as jeans only much more suitable for summer. How to style it? 
Heels or wedges...not flats, unless you want your calfs to look like tree trunks!  Worn on or just below the knee, slim fitting with a loosly tucked tee, the usual accessories to add your stamp and personality and finished of with a big statement clutch. Done! My take on a ladylike trend with some edge...always!

(All images courtesy of Pinterest)

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Weekly Fashion Trend - Skinny scarfs

Last week I spoke about the bandana making a comeback...the skinny scarf is another flashback trend on the fashion scene! Prada had them all over their recent runway shows and Vogue featured them in their summer fashion campaigns...and if Prada and Vogue speak fashion we listen and we follow!

I'm quite liking this scarf especially the sparkly versions...treated like a statement necklace and accessory it can look great with any outfit, especially now with Christmas around the corner!

Another version I like is the shredded scarf...the skinny scarf cut/shredded into smaller pieces and all tied together. I have a white version and can't wait to wear it. A great alternative to a statement necklace and definitely a conversation starter.

Leave a litte sparkle wherever you go this season and try the skinny scarf or edge it up a bit with the shredded version...whichever just listen to Prada and Vogue...they know good fashion!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Style in the City - Elle Magazine Editors Lunch

Happiness...a word that envelopes and evokes such emotion and feeling...what is happiness and what does happiness mean to you? 

That was the question asked by Elle Magazine SA and the topic of the editors lunch I was invited to and attended yesterday at the boutique hotel 54 on Bath in Rosebank, Johannesburg in association with Christian Dior. After surveying Elle readers in 44 countries they came up with many beautiful interpretations, some of them published in the November issue...

With Elle Editor Emilie Gambade, Christian Dior Brand Manager Anina Schalekamp and various highlights of the lunch.
Emilie Gambade is Elle Magazine SA new editor. She is gorgeous, passionate and beautifully French. She loves the story behind the garment, fabric and fragrance....her grandmother was a seamstress with the House of Dior! She told us the story of Christian Dior and how each fragrance comes to life...his little sister was even the inspiration for the Miss Dior fragrance. Emilie explained the craftsmanship behind each item produced by Christian Dior and beautifully described the bottle as the framework of the perfume and the scent the artwork or masterpiece....

Anina Schalekamp the Brand Manager of Perfumes Christian Dior told me that Christian Dior is considered one of only two high end couture houses in the world! Each and every single product is hand made, hours of craftsmanship go into producing an exquisite piece whether it's beauty, perfume, accessories, handbags or clothes...when you buy Dior you buy art...

I wore a jumpsuit from Anisa Mpungwe from Loin, Cloth and Ashes for Mr Price.
These were the questions asked by Elle and Christian Dior...I took my time answering and really thought about it...
  • What does happiness mean to you?
  • What is your biggest source of happiness?
  • Do you feel you have the same access as men to job opportunities?
  • Why do you think South African women place their career above family and love as a source of happiness?
  • Are you confident about your future?
  • If so, what makes you confident? If not, why?
  • Is your quality of life good?
  • What are the biggest challenges for South African women?
  • What inspires you?
  • What drives you every morning?
  • What is your signature fragrance and why?
  • Where do you purchase your fragrances?
  • How do you select your fragrance
  • How often do you change your fragrance.
How would you answer these deep, thought provoking and emotional questions? Do some of these questions speak to you? And how do you pick your it based on a memory, how it makes you feel or purely packaging because it looks pretty on your dressing room table?

Interesting questions...even if you never show your answers to anyone...answer them for yourself. You will be surprised what or who you might find!

Thank you Elle Magazine, all the gorgeous Elle Belles, the beautifully French Emilie and Christian Dior for a delightful afternoon! 

The fabulous Goodie Bag contained the December issue of Elle, sunglasses, a note book and pen, Christian Dior nail polish, lipgloss and lipstick. 
Looking forward to the next event...I'm having a look into the Elle Fashion Cupboard! Eeekkk! More about that next Friday...

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Style Tip - Playsuits

How to style your playsuit...

This is a trend you might be unsure's a little tricky to wear, but with the right accessories and styling you will look fabulous!

It's like a short jumpsuit and super easy to wear. In order to not look like a teenage wannabe or mutton dressed as lamb, please choose your playsuit wisely!

Follow these easy steps to a stylish and fashionable look:

1). Make sure it's not too short - mid thigh is short enough
2). Keep your top half covered to balance out the exposure
3). Wear it with heels or wedges
4). Add a jacket for instant sophistication  

This is how I styled my playsuit...mid thigh, covered top half with wedges.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Weekly Fashion Trend - Bandanas

I'm not even joking when I tell you this trend is back! In a big way! Seriously...I'm so serious that its popped up in a few Vogue Magazines I've recently read and then I heard that Hermes is doing them too! Well I don't need anymore convincing...I'm on the fashion bandana bandwagon!

I know what you are thinking what is she thinking??? But I'm here to tell you how to wear the bandana today without looking like you belong in a 80's music video!

Firstly let's keep it classy, muted colours with updated patterns. Tie it loosly around your neck with a 
white t-shirt and jeans or some leather pants and a tank top. Treat it more like an accessory or a statement necklace...please don't fold a triangle with a red and white paisley print unless you are going for the cowboy look...

So I'm thinking...the bandana loosely around my neck, some skinny jeans, a white draped shirt, some
wedges, gold hoops and a statement clutch...the 80's trend updated for today. Another variation...leather pants, silky top, bandana wrapped around my wrist as some arm candy, statement jewellery, killer heels and a bold lip...another way to bring the 80's trend to date.

I think Hermes bandanas might deserve a chance...what do you guys think? Are you on the bandana fashion bandwagon?

(All images courtesy of Pinterest)

Friday, 14 November 2014

Style in the City - 40 and Glamorous!

Normally Style in the City is about some fabulous designer, boutique or clothing range. Always something fashion related discovered in the city I'm in at the time...things I love and think will be worth sharing...but this week I want to share some snippets of my birthday with you...just a small glimpse of me...
November is my month...the month I turn 40! I have no idea what 40 is supposed to look like...what 40 should feel like or how 40 dresses??? 
My birthday champagne breakfast at Cafe Mozart - Cape Town
Instead I'm just me! I like the way I look...I'm happy...incredibly blessed and fortunate with two beautiful babies, married to my best friend and the absolute love of my life, surrounded by family and friends and in the process of moving to Abu I have a wardrobe filled with fabulous shoes and accessories, so life is great! 40 is the new 30 right???
What I was wearing the morning of my birthday 
My Chanel birthday cake
My 30's was a great decade! The highlights included meeting and marrying my love...our two gorgeous kiddies, working for Emirates Airlines and travelling the world making lifelong friends along the way, having the opportunity to live not only in Dubai for 10 years, but also Doha (Qatar), Brisbane (Australia) and now back to the Middle East (Abu Dhabi)!
My surprise birthday lunch at Cafe Paridisio - Cape Town
These are just a few personal moments of how I celebrated the start of this new decade in my life...surrounded by love! It was perfect...a decade I'm planning to live with love, happiness, lots of fun and a great wardrobe!
Birthday dinner with my husband at Baltazar Cape Town Waterfront

Some of my birthday gifts and my daughter
More birthday gifts
Cheers to at least another 40 years...

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Style Tip - Swimsuit styling

How to style your swimsuit

It's summer, it's hot and that means swimsuits, beach, pool and all round summer fun! I'm not one for parading in a bikini anymore and much prefer a stylish one piece or two piece tanktini...
I'm also a big fan of blinging up my swimsuit and adding matching cover ups. So how do you style your swimsuit to still be practical but also look glamorous?

Apart from the traditional sarongs and kaftans I love the fringed kimono and even matching soft wide leg pants...add to that some hoops, a few long pendants or some bright arm candy, a fedora some sparkly or embellished jelly sandals, a fabulous bright beach bag and lastly the must have accessory for any summers day, your sunglasses!

I also love playing with textures and colours when choosing my swimsuit cover...I either go all matchy-matchy or choose a contrasting colour or accent colour. This look is chic and glamorous enough for you to still be active on the beach and go for some lunch or cocktails at the bar.

Easy, laid back but still glamorous summer fun! Jessica is obviously the perfect glam summer mama, but that doesn't mean we can't be either! Find your swimsuit shape and cover you are comfortable with, accessorise to add your personality and you too can be that glamour mama playing with your kiddies on the beach or poolside in style!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Weekly Fashion Trend - Shirt dress

This trend is not a new one, but it's a good one! Its comfortable and easy to wear...The options are limitless...sleeveless, with sleeves, hi/lo, silk, cotton, belt it...the list goes on! 

Pair it with some wedges or espadrilles and you have a easy summer outfit. It comes in all the colours of the rainbow and with accessories you can add your own personality to this easy summer trend. My favourite is the denim's like a blank canvas you can dress up or down. Versatile, glamorous, stylish and fashionable? What more does a girl want?

Friday, 7 November 2014

Style in the City - Colette Hayman

I first fell in love with Colette Hayman, a fashion accessories brand when I was living in Australia. It is one of the hottest retail chains in Australia and opened over 55 stores in 2 years!

Taking inspiration from all the great international fashion houses and accessories designers you are bound to find yourself in handbag and jewellery heaven when you walk into a Colette Hayman store...

The brand is enjoying fantastic growth not only within Australia but now also internationally! Imagine my absolute delight when I saw the Colette Hayman store in Canal Walk (Cape Town) collections hit the stores every week and you will find the hottest on-trend colours and styling at very affordable prices. 

As Colette herself said "you don't have to spend a fortune to look fabulous"

These are just some of the gorgeous merchandise available in store. Make sure you drop into the store and stock up on some fabulous accessories to compliment any outfit and your personality without having to speak!

For more information you can visit their website at Colette Hayman
Their shop is located at Canal Walk Shopping Centre in Cape Town

Make sure to check my Instagram account for daily outfit and accessories updates. 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Style Tip - Wide leg pants

How do you wear wide leg pants?

Image courtesy of Pinterest
Just this past week I bought some white wide leg pants. Beautifully tailored with button finishes in a gorgeous lightweight summer fabric...remember the palazzo pants from years back? Same thing...

So, how do we wear this "new" pants shape? Because of the amount of volume these pants have you automatically want to reach for something slim fitting on top, which is fine...but why not try something a little different and match your palazzo pants with a slouchy t-shirt and a half tuck? Or with a kimono over your tank top tucked in?

Always wear these pants with wedges...never flats or any closed toe will just look wrong and totally conservative! Not the laid back 70's glamour we looking for!

Play around and make this look your own, you can even add a floppy hat and totally rock that 70's boho look or to bring it right up to date add a cape jacket (more about that next week) and a slouchy tee...

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Weekly Fashion Trend - Sheer fabric

This week's fashion trend is sheer fabric or sheer inserts...earlier this week I spoke about crop tops and how to wear them without exposing too much flesh...this trend is like the sister of the crop top, only more girly, feminine and romantic...

It looks beautiful as a maxi skirt or dress with the same colour boy pants underneath...not cycling shorts or any lace and g-strings! Now I do appreciate this look is not for everyone, that's why I'm offering options...

Personally I will wear it either with a slip underneath or the sheer top with a singlet 
still get that same "see through" effect just with a little bit more modesty in place!

This trend is stunning and perfect for summer and have been on all the Spring/Summer runways. I've seen them in all the high street stores and there are options for everyone and every taste...will you be brave and dare to wear this romantic trend?

If you still think this trend is not for you...pop a jacket over your sheer top, add some skinny jeans with killer heels and fabulous accessories and you will certainly look glamorous and on trend!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Style in the City - Mr Price/MRP

This week I'm over at Mr Price...the fashion side. 
The Mr Price group consists of fashion retail, sportswear and home decor. Mr Price is one of the fastest growing retailers in South Africa and synonymous with affordable up to the minute fashion...

In addition they support local, up and coming designers in association with Elle Magazine South Africa with the Mr Price/MRP - ELLE Rising Star Design initiative. The winner has the opportunity of designing and showcasing a capsule wardrobe across their stores and online. Previous winners include Nick Coutts, Anisa Mpungwe and the most recent winner Tamara Cherie Dyson.

The brand is also available online with worldwide shipping to most countries, so everybody can have their MRP fashion fix!

Mr Price advertising in Australian Marie Claire Magazine
I love the fact that MRP is fashion forward and always current with what is happening on the international fashion scene and runways...they have quirky slogans and great marketing and advertising campaigns that just draw you in...leaving you wanting everything!

They do cater for all age groups and tastes...from baby, toddler, men, teenagers, the little bit "older" crowd and then some evening glamour too. Something for everyone where you bound to find what you looking for!

I particularly like the Oakridge range...a little bit more "sofisticated" and age appropriate but still fashionable. They also do great accessories and shoes all under one roof...almost like a MRP department store!

It's no secret that I absolutely love this store...on any given day I'm almost guaranteed to wear something from Mr Price! They have recently opened their concept store at the V&A Waterfront - a prime location, so if you in SA pop in...if not, go online. You won't be sorry...

Just a few of my Mr Price finds...
One of my recent Mr Price outfits
You can find Mr Price in all major cities and shopping malls...basically everywhere!
For more information visit their website at

Go and have a look at my Instagram account for daily outfit posts.