Sunday, 16 November 2014

Weekly Fashion Trend - Bandanas

I'm not even joking when I tell you this trend is back! In a big way! Seriously...I'm so serious that its popped up in a few Vogue Magazines I've recently read and then I heard that Hermes is doing them too! Well I don't need anymore convincing...I'm on the fashion bandana bandwagon!

I know what you are thinking what is she thinking??? But I'm here to tell you how to wear the bandana today without looking like you belong in a 80's music video!

Firstly let's keep it classy, muted colours with updated patterns. Tie it loosly around your neck with a 
white t-shirt and jeans or some leather pants and a tank top. Treat it more like an accessory or a statement necklace...please don't fold a triangle with a red and white paisley print unless you are going for the cowboy look...

So I'm thinking...the bandana loosely around my neck, some skinny jeans, a white draped shirt, some
wedges, gold hoops and a statement clutch...the 80's trend updated for today. Another variation...leather pants, silky top, bandana wrapped around my wrist as some arm candy, statement jewellery, killer heels and a bold lip...another way to bring the 80's trend to date.

I think Hermes bandanas might deserve a chance...what do you guys think? Are you on the bandana fashion bandwagon?

(All images courtesy of Pinterest)


  1. Not sure if Im in on this one, but the idea of a nice skinny leather pants with white shirt and bandanna did make me think.....

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  2. I've got some Liberty of London handkerchiefs that I wear as wrist wraps.