Wednesday, 25 June 2014


St Moritz...Aspen...Courchevel...what do all theses places have in common? Glitz, glamour and...snow!

We just came back from our 1st ever skiing holiday in Queens Town, New Zealand. This was a completely new experience for us...our holidays normally involve sunshine, beach, cocktails and some exotic location! Suntan lotion and sunshine was swapped for gluwein, hot chocolate and puffer jackets! Instead of coming home with a tan and a glow, we came home with a cough and a snotty nose! Not so glamorous anymore...

I was thinking more Kim Kardashian or Kate Middleton than what I got the 1st day on the slopes...rented ski clothes that had been worn by a thousand people before me and we all looked mostly the same in our Coronet Peak ski jackets...not my idea of glamour!!! So...the stylist in me was screaming to come out and glam up my ensemble a bit...I added hot pink ski gloves and goggles, paired it with a fluffy snow leopard scarf and beanie and finished it of nicely with a bright red lip! BIG MISTAKE!!!

The fluff of my scarf kept getting stuck on my lipstick and kept irritating my eyes, the beanie caused my hair to stick so flat on my head it looked like I had no hair, the goggles kept steaming up forming condensation so that I couldn't see a damm thing and the ski gloves made my hands all sweaty cause they were so hot! More hot mess than hot mamma! Add to that the ski boots being soooo heavy and uncomfortable that I looked like I was walking on the moon and you have quite a clear picture!

This is what I'm wearing on my next skiing holiday
The perfect glamour ski outfit

My husband couldn't care less what he looked like as long as he was having rather than being left behind on the beginner slopes and having a miserable holiday I decided to leave the glamour in the hotel room - gasp! - and have some fun on the slopes...even if I was slipping and sliding everywhere! At least I was doing it glamourously…in my head!

Thursday, 12 June 2014



Its officially the middle of winter and its 23/24 degrees!!! Fabulous I hear you say…

Well, it makes it quite tricky getting dressed in the morning let me tell you…it starts off freezing, then warms up and then rapidly cools down again come mid afternoon, so you forever peeling off and then adding layers all day long! Annoying more like it!

These 5 items are perfectly transeasonal and can be easily layered. 

  1. The leopard print pony hair belt can be worn over a light or chunky knit and will look just as good belted over a simple tee
  2. Chunky gold jewellery are always in fashion and can be dressed up or down
  3. A black leather skirt has become a staple and a classic in any wardrobe, wear it with tights and ankle booties in winter and strappy stilleto's in summer
  4. The wedge suede over the knee boots are not only comfortable, but super glamorous. Wear it with jeans or leather leggings, winter or summer
  5. The wide brim hat has become the ultimate fashion statement…wear it with a maxi dress or skirt in summer or with jeans or leather pants in winter
Its always a little hard dressing for in between weather, but hopefully this will help us all look Stylish, Glamorous and Fashionable whatever the weather decides to do!


I'm a mommy…

I have brought 2 beautiful little people into this world! I adore them and they have enriched my life for the better!!! They have also given me a extra 10kg and a jelly belly…

Every Sunday night I announce that tomorrow I'm starting this diet or that new fad…full of optimism and almost excitement! I start every Monday morning the same…eager and enthusiastic…for about 5 min or until I get downstairs and then all of a sudden I feel like something I won't normally have, but because its banned from the "diet" I have to have it! When I do give in, I decide that I have now ruined my diet anyway so I might as well have that muffin or piece of banana bread with my morning latte! Does this sound familiar? And so, this vicious cycle of my diet roller coaster begins!

I have never been a skinny girl and have always thought of myself as curvy or even voluptuous…and I'm OK with that! Yes I can do with loosing 3-5kg and everything will fit me perfectly again…my jeans won't pinch and I won't have the dreaded muffin top…but you know what??? Who cares???

I had the privilege of carrying my babies for 9 months and giving birth…a privilege many woman don't or can't have...I'm healthy and have a husband and gorgeous kiddies who love me just the way I am…with my jelly belly and extra few kg!

When I see myself in the mirror…yes my body has changed and yes I have a jelly belly…I don't look 18, 21, 25 or even 30 anymore, but I'm happy and I'm loved…plus I have two little angels who call me mommy! Just like wine gets better with age, so do we!

Your body is amazing, celebrate it and learn to love yourself just the way you are!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Do you have a glamorous evening planned? Perhaps a date night with hubby or a dazzling event to attend? 

Do you want something extra ordinary and a little different?

Then this is the look and the outfit for you!

The tuxedo cape suit in black with slim fit pants is not only glamorous but modern too. Add touches of sparkle with embellished heels in a contrasting colour - I chose white as monochrome is fresh and on trend. Touches of glamour and style is added with the diamond feather pendant, simple diamond studs and cocktail ring. Finish off the glamorous look with a red mani and matching lips and don't forget to add a statement boxy clutch…Voila! Glamour on the Go!!!