Thursday, 12 June 2014



Its officially the middle of winter and its 23/24 degrees!!! Fabulous I hear you say…

Well, it makes it quite tricky getting dressed in the morning let me tell you…it starts off freezing, then warms up and then rapidly cools down again come mid afternoon, so you forever peeling off and then adding layers all day long! Annoying more like it!

These 5 items are perfectly transeasonal and can be easily layered. 

  1. The leopard print pony hair belt can be worn over a light or chunky knit and will look just as good belted over a simple tee
  2. Chunky gold jewellery are always in fashion and can be dressed up or down
  3. A black leather skirt has become a staple and a classic in any wardrobe, wear it with tights and ankle booties in winter and strappy stilleto's in summer
  4. The wedge suede over the knee boots are not only comfortable, but super glamorous. Wear it with jeans or leather leggings, winter or summer
  5. The wide brim hat has become the ultimate fashion statement…wear it with a maxi dress or skirt in summer or with jeans or leather pants in winter
Its always a little hard dressing for in between weather, but hopefully this will help us all look Stylish, Glamorous and Fashionable whatever the weather decides to do!

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