Thursday, 12 June 2014


I'm a mommy…

I have brought 2 beautiful little people into this world! I adore them and they have enriched my life for the better!!! They have also given me a extra 10kg and a jelly belly…

Every Sunday night I announce that tomorrow I'm starting this diet or that new fad…full of optimism and almost excitement! I start every Monday morning the same…eager and enthusiastic…for about 5 min or until I get downstairs and then all of a sudden I feel like something I won't normally have, but because its banned from the "diet" I have to have it! When I do give in, I decide that I have now ruined my diet anyway so I might as well have that muffin or piece of banana bread with my morning latte! Does this sound familiar? And so, this vicious cycle of my diet roller coaster begins!

I have never been a skinny girl and have always thought of myself as curvy or even voluptuous…and I'm OK with that! Yes I can do with loosing 3-5kg and everything will fit me perfectly again…my jeans won't pinch and I won't have the dreaded muffin top…but you know what??? Who cares???

I had the privilege of carrying my babies for 9 months and giving birth…a privilege many woman don't or can't have...I'm healthy and have a husband and gorgeous kiddies who love me just the way I am…with my jelly belly and extra few kg!

When I see myself in the mirror…yes my body has changed and yes I have a jelly belly…I don't look 18, 21, 25 or even 30 anymore, but I'm happy and I'm loved…plus I have two little angels who call me mommy! Just like wine gets better with age, so do we!

Your body is amazing, celebrate it and learn to love yourself just the way you are!

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