Friday, 21 November 2014

Style in the City - Elle Magazine Editors Lunch

Happiness...a word that envelopes and evokes such emotion and feeling...what is happiness and what does happiness mean to you? 

That was the question asked by Elle Magazine SA and the topic of the editors lunch I was invited to and attended yesterday at the boutique hotel 54 on Bath in Rosebank, Johannesburg in association with Christian Dior. After surveying Elle readers in 44 countries they came up with many beautiful interpretations, some of them published in the November issue...

With Elle Editor Emilie Gambade, Christian Dior Brand Manager Anina Schalekamp and various highlights of the lunch.
Emilie Gambade is Elle Magazine SA new editor. She is gorgeous, passionate and beautifully French. She loves the story behind the garment, fabric and fragrance....her grandmother was a seamstress with the House of Dior! She told us the story of Christian Dior and how each fragrance comes to life...his little sister was even the inspiration for the Miss Dior fragrance. Emilie explained the craftsmanship behind each item produced by Christian Dior and beautifully described the bottle as the framework of the perfume and the scent the artwork or masterpiece....

Anina Schalekamp the Brand Manager of Perfumes Christian Dior told me that Christian Dior is considered one of only two high end couture houses in the world! Each and every single product is hand made, hours of craftsmanship go into producing an exquisite piece whether it's beauty, perfume, accessories, handbags or clothes...when you buy Dior you buy art...

I wore a jumpsuit from Anisa Mpungwe from Loin, Cloth and Ashes for Mr Price.
These were the questions asked by Elle and Christian Dior...I took my time answering and really thought about it...
  • What does happiness mean to you?
  • What is your biggest source of happiness?
  • Do you feel you have the same access as men to job opportunities?
  • Why do you think South African women place their career above family and love as a source of happiness?
  • Are you confident about your future?
  • If so, what makes you confident? If not, why?
  • Is your quality of life good?
  • What are the biggest challenges for South African women?
  • What inspires you?
  • What drives you every morning?
  • What is your signature fragrance and why?
  • Where do you purchase your fragrances?
  • How do you select your fragrance
  • How often do you change your fragrance.
How would you answer these deep, thought provoking and emotional questions? Do some of these questions speak to you? And how do you pick your it based on a memory, how it makes you feel or purely packaging because it looks pretty on your dressing room table?

Interesting questions...even if you never show your answers to anyone...answer them for yourself. You will be surprised what or who you might find!

Thank you Elle Magazine, all the gorgeous Elle Belles, the beautifully French Emilie and Christian Dior for a delightful afternoon! 

The fabulous Goodie Bag contained the December issue of Elle, sunglasses, a note book and pen, Christian Dior nail polish, lipgloss and lipstick. 
Looking forward to the next event...I'm having a look into the Elle Fashion Cupboard! Eeekkk! More about that next Friday...

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