Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Weekly Fashion Trend - Skinny scarfs

Last week I spoke about the bandana making a comeback...the skinny scarf is another flashback trend on the fashion scene! Prada had them all over their recent runway shows and Vogue featured them in their summer fashion campaigns...and if Prada and Vogue speak fashion we listen and we follow!

I'm quite liking this scarf especially the sparkly versions...treated like a statement necklace and accessory it can look great with any outfit, especially now with Christmas around the corner!

Another version I like is the shredded scarf...the skinny scarf cut/shredded into smaller pieces and all tied together. I have a white version and can't wait to wear it. A great alternative to a statement necklace and definitely a conversation starter.

Leave a litte sparkle wherever you go this season and try the skinny scarf or edge it up a bit with the shredded version...whichever just listen to Prada and Vogue...they know good fashion!


  1. A trend I won't be rocking - not a fan. I like draped scarves or wearing them as hairbows. The sequinned scarf is lovely - just a little too glam rock for me!

    1. This is a tricky trend you will either love or hate...I personally am a total glam rock girl and love anything a little bit edgy and different!