Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Style Tip - Khaki Pants

How do I wear my khaki pants without looking like I'm going on Safari or joining the Army?

Slim fitting, cropped and with heels! Always...

So this is a big trend for Spring/Summer. The khaki pants. I would suggest 2 options. Either slim fitting and cropped, or harem style scrunched up to expose the ankles. But always wear heels. If you wear flats they will not give you the elongated look we are looking for and then people might think you are going on safari or perhaps channeling a little bit of Private Benjamin...

Pair it with a pop of colour and girly accessories and add some statement jewellery with a funky t-shirt. To pull the whole look together, simply add a tailored jacket and you will look like you stepped of the pages of a fashion magazine and not Saving Private Ryan!