Saturday, 9 August 2014


The online version…not food! 

I'm very late joining this "online" shopping community! I love going to the shops too much, feeling the fabric, seeing the texture and trying on for size…plus I want my shopping bags and purchases as soon as I pay for them! I don't have the patience to wait…until a few weeks ago! 

I do shop at one particular shop online from time to time. I'm familiar with their sizing and I love their up to the minute fashion at very affordable prices, plus they are South African so I feel like I'm getting a little piece of home every time I get a package in the mail! 

Then, I also discovered a great site for affordable jewellery, and ordered from them too...and just this morning I saw another great site with fabulous shoes that I'm thinking of ordering from…how quickly it draws you in! The thrill, excitement and anticipation of waiting for the mail to arrive every day! And then everything arrives at the same time and it feels like Christmas! (This is exactly what happened to me on Thursday…Thursday was a great day!)

SO...I have decided to step away from the computer…put my credit card in a bowl of water in the freezer…and hope this urge to add to my shopping cart disappears very soon…after I buy the fabulous shoes I saw this morning off course!


  1. Living rurally online shopping is a life saver. I get to know what size I am and shop at the same shops though. I can't buy shoes online though they never seems to fit.

    1. I can see how it can easily become addictive! Plus it opens all the doors to the fashion can literally buy anything online!