Monday, 4 August 2014


I'm not much of a dress person but when I do wear a dress I love the bodycon. I'm by no means skinny and consider myself curvy with a mommy tummy…thats why Spanx is my best friend when wearing dresses! It sucks and smooths in all the right places and I won't wear a dress without it anymore! There you have it…my secret weapon!

Also…go for a dress with a print or an illusion…not only do they hide a multitude of sins but also little sticky handprints! I like to wear them with kimono's, flats, wedges, a denim jacket or heels and always add fabulous accessories and a great bag. Easy summer dressing sorted!

You will find them all over the high street when the summer stock arrive. I got a great plain electric blue one on sale at Coles for $10 this morning while doing the weekly shop!!! Have a lookout how I style it on Istagram come summer…hurry up and let the sunshine in!!!


  1. I'm not a big dress wearer either but when I do wear them I always wear looser ones. I think you have convinced me to try something tighter. Rachel x

  2. If I wear looser ones I just feel so much bigger! Plus you have a great figure so go on give it a try for summer! Hot!