Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Sitting front row at a fashion event is always thrilling...so close you can almost touch the fabric, see every little detail and be swept away with the slight breeze as the models strut their stuff on the runway leaving you in their trail...the lights, the music and the gorgeous clothes all make it a beautiful 10 min of pure clothes delight!

My favourite designers of the night without a doubt was NIKI TELJEGA , who not only organised the whole event but also closed the show with her beautiful designs, KAFTAN QUEEN and LIPOA THREADS.

The Old Museum was the perfect venue with its wooden floors, high ceilings and stunning chandeliers which added the perfect amount of glamour.

NIKI TELJEGA - My favourite of the night! Lots of sparkles, glamour and sheer fabrics making her collection feminine and a little risqué! Loved it!
KAFTAN QUEEN - Glamorous kaftan's to take you from beach to bar! Made from silk, sourced from all over the world and tailored in the UAE, which is ironic as I used to live in the UAE for 10 years! Maybe that's why I love them so much!

LIPOA THREADS - Her collections are inspired by Africa...the colourful fabrics and beautiful beads made me miss home...maybe I'm biased as I'm from Africa, but the richness and the culture were part of her designs.

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