Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Style Tip - The Art of Lace

How to make lace modern?

Lace is back! Not like you remember it though...
Look no further than Balmain Resort 2015. Bright citrus, blue and fuchsia pink colours replace the pale and cream lace of era's gone by...

The lace has been toughened up by heavy embellishment like only Balmain can and paired with leathers, ripped jeans, "dominatrix" type heels and gilded accessories. Pretty with major edge!

Now, for us everyday girls that don't really wear Balmain on any given day, we can still take inspiration...take your favourite ripped jeans, your highest black heels, your boldest gold jewellery and wear it all with a bright lace top! Easy! You will be rocking your own "Balmain" look and be right on trend while doing it.

If wearing lace tops and skirts are not for you, why not try the lace open toe bootie? Also a Balmain invention! And so gorgeous. Wear it with leather pants and a white t-shirt with the same bold gold jewellery and you will still be right on trend with the fashion pack!

(All images courtesy of Pinterest)


  1. Wow! They have done awesome things with lace. Those shoes are literally to die for! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous! Balmain just can't do any wrong and by far one of my favourite designers!They have just proved that lace does not have to be frumpy and old fashioned! Thanks for reading my blog xxx

  2. I am absolutely loving the flouro lace at the moment. I just picked up a pink lace top which is so not normally me but I adore it x

    1. Well done and good for you stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing this gorgeous trend!