Monday, 5 January 2015

Style Tip - Corporate jeans

How to make your jeans more work appropriate.

Style Tip - Corporate jeans

Wearing jeans to work has become much more acceptable in today's corporate world...however there are still unwritten rules. This is an example of how to style your jeans work appropriate but still look stylish, fashionable and glamorous.

Firstly, always wear dark wash straight leg jeans...please don't rock up at work or a meeting in your shredded or faded jeans unless you work in a extremely creative add a smart blouse or top, even a nice jacket, some classic accessories (save the bling for the weekend), stylish high heel pumps and finish off the look with a nice manicure.

In this outfit I have added some pops of colour with the blue studs and Prada bag to add some interest and keep it from looking a little boring. The top is definitely the focus point and not your usual style which adds just that touch of glamour...and a twist of unexpectedness.

When you are shopping for a similar look start with dark wash skinny jeans, next look for a structured or tailored top with an interesting shape or something a little different, classic pointed toe high heeled pumps, a medium size structured handbag in a plain colour and classic accessories like studs, hoops, cuffs and bangles in gold or silver.

With this look you will definitely be fashion forward within the corporate world.

(This look was created using Polyvore)

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