Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Style Tip - Denim Jacket

How do I glam up my denim jacket?

Every closet should have a denim jacket. It truly is an investment piece. Buy the best quality denim jacket you can afford...and you will get your money's worth time and time again! You can wear your denim jacket with everything in your closet guaranteed! Even denim on denim - just make sure your colour washes are different. 
Wear it to the office with a pencil skirt or smart cigarette pants, wear it shopping and lunch with your girlfriends with a flowing maxi dress or skirt, wear it on date night with a LBD or sparkly mini, wear it in winter with a scarf or summer as a light cover up, wear it super casual with trainers...the options are limitless.
You can go for classic blue or even a white denim jacket, which will be great for summer and if you really daring try a coloured one, but definitely invest in one!


  1. I think you can rock matchy matchy denim as long as you mix it up with something like heels or a sequinned tank. Something a bit different than a T shirt and flats.

  2. Totally! I agree with the sparkles and heels!

  3. Couldn't agree more. I'm still wearing the same denim jacket I bought 15 years ago!! A white one is on my wish list this coming Winter!

    1. See! You just validated my whole blog post! It's definitely an investment piece! Go and buy the white one to add to your collection...I'm sure you will still be wearing it in another 15 years!