Saturday, 10 January 2015

Weekly Fashion Trend - Fashion Resolutions

This week I'm showing you your Fashion Resolutions for 2015. These are the only 5 resolutions you will need to update and carry your closet this whole year!

Fashion Resolution 1

Make an effort.
Every time you leave the house make sure you look decent, your outfit is clean and ironed and you hair is chipped nail polish either and wear some lipstick. Basically make an effort! If you have limited time in the morning try and plan your outfit the night before. Trust me it will make your day much better and you will feel a million dollars!

Fashion Resolution 2

Wear what you like.
Find out what you like and wear it...whatever it is! Don't worry what people might think or if it will suit you...if you like it wear it. Simple!

Fashion Resolution 3

Follow the trends.
Buy monthly fashion magazines. Read fashion blogs. Know what goes on in fashion. You don't have to be a slave to fashion...just be interested in whats going on in the fashion world. Follow your favourite celebrity and see what they're wearing. You will be surprised how fashionable they might be. Pick one thing from their style that you like and try and incorporate it into your daily look...easy!

Fashion Resolution 4

Find your style.
What do you like wearing? Who's style do you like? What is your lifestyle and daily routine? What do you not like wearing? Answer these questions and you find your personal style...Try and stick to it and wear variations of it as your daily "uniform".

Fashion Resolution 5

Accessories add personality to your outfit. It makes a statement and completes any outfit. Don't go without it!

I'm sure these will be the easiest resolutions to stick to this whole year!

(All images courtesy of Pinterest.)

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