Thursday, 16 October 2014


How on earth am I going to pack for 12 weeks in 1 suitcase??? 

My husband and I are relocating countries…(again) next month and I have to "condense" my wardrobe into 1 small suitcase for 12 weeks!!! How on earth am I going to do that??? I have to have options…I'm a girl that need options!

It will be 12 long weeks before I see my beloved shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery and clothes again…and not only do I have the trauma and stress to decide what prized pieces are coming with me in my suitcase, I have the added pressure to pack for 2 counties, with 2 climates and 2 different cultures to consider! A little challenging I might add…not one to shy away from a challenge and "putting the big girl pants on" as my husband will say…BRING IT ON!

So, this is what I'm thinking…pack for 10 days and allow for lots of shopping along the way!

These are the items coming with me:

2x pairs of pants (black/cream)
2x of leggings (leather/plain)
2x of jeans (dark wash/light wash)
1x maxi dress (black)
2x short dresses (black/nautical)
1x skirt (grey)
1x jumpsuit
1x black leather jacket
1x denim jacket
3x t-shirts (black/white/grey)
2x tops (black leather/white leather)
1x swimsuit plus cover up and hat
5x pairs of underwear
1x clutch bag
1x day bag
1x belt
2x wedges (black/tan)
1x slip on trainers (leopard print)
1x sparkly/embellished flat sandals
1x Havianas
3x sets of jewellery (1 gold set/1 silver set/1 statement necklace)
Basic make-up (foundation/concealer/bronzer/eyebrow pencil/eyeliner/mascara/statement lipstick)

See what I mean??? This is quite basic for me…if I can stick to this list and not add some "sneaky" pieces just in case!!!

Let me know what you think of my packing list and if I can add something more or have forgotten anything?
Trying to keep it Glamour on the Go!!!


  1. Your list sounds perfect. Enjoy the 12 weeks, you will do fine. V x

  2. I have actually halved this list so I can shop more!,,