Thursday, 16 October 2014

Weekly Fashion Trend...White Denim Jacket

If there is one thing you go out and buy this week...make it a denim jacket. Not just any denim
jacket...a white denim jacket!
Think how much you wear your denim jacket and how versatile it can literally wear it with everything and anything in your wardrobe.
Now add a white one to your collection and you have your summer cover up sorted. Wear over a
maxi dress or with a maxi skirt and tank, or pants and a t-shirt...the options are limitless and it will quickly become your favourite summer go to piece! Have a look at your favourite high street shops, they are sure to have them in stock!


  1. Fashion forecasts for the next year are full of solid colors among them shiny solid colors and metallics, tons of animal prints and stripes, bohemian looks as well as over sized and bulky 

    Jewellery fashion Combination

    1. Totally agree! If you look at the latest Weekly Fashion Trend on the blog you will see I covered most of those options too!