Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Style Tip - Underwear...

What about underwear?

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This is often a part of dressing we seem to neglect...I'm guilty! 
Today I went underwear shopping and this got me thinking of how very important the right underwear for your body and ultimately your outfit is...

October is Breast Cancer awareness month and Woolworths is doing free bra measurements. Its absolutely essential to get the right fit bra, this will lift you in all the right places and offer great support which will make you and your outfits look a million dollars!

Don't forget shape wear or "spanx" as we know it...this is properly the best invention ever! It smooths out any lumps and bumps you might have and just make you look amazing!

Also do colour code your underwear to your outfit e.g. black bra with black top, nude bra with white or any light coloured top and leave the bra strap exposure to the teenagers...it just is not a good look! A hint of lace here and there at the right time, for the right occasion wearing the right outfit can be sexy and alluring, but is best left for those special occasions not your everyday life. 

Wear the right underwear that fit you and your body and you will already see a major improvement in the way you carry yourself and that glamorous, stylish and fashionable outfit you rocking!

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