Monday, 28 July 2014


I love heels...I love wearing them and I love the way they make me feel! Tall, confident, sexy and ready to seize any opportunity life throws at me...but, let's be real just for a sec...I have 2 children under the age of of them only 11 months old and just starting to explore the world around her which means mommy is doing a lot of running around after her or alternatively I have to be quick as a flash on my feet and while I would love doing it on 6 inch heels, for practicality reasons and for the safety of everyone around me I don't think so!!!

So what's a fashionable, stylish and glamorous mommy to do??? Let me introduce you to the "midi" heel...somewhere between 6 inch heels and kitten heels...kind of the little sister of stilettos...also know as mommy's new glam shoe!

Now these shoes are not only for mommies...they just happen to be very fashionable and trendy right now and the must have shoe of the season! Yay for mommies everywhere! Shoes we can finally run around in while still looking fashionable, stylish and glamorous!

I have picked a classic pump but vamped it up with animal print just for a little mentioned before - animal print is a neutral in my opinion and goes with everything! I got a great pair at Big W for $15!

There is literally a style out there for everyone...go and find your animal instinct!


  1. I LOVE animal print. It's been a wardrobe staple for years. A great pair of leopard print shoes add so much to a simple outfit. Rachel x

  2. A classic in my opinion and a must for any wardrobe!

  3. ooh yesss leopard print!! I own a pair of Wittner Toppers in Leopard and I am eyeing up a pair of Leopard Mules by Tony Bianco. When does one stop? Nice post x

  4. Me too!!! I love animal print and can't live without it! One NEVER