Thursday, 10 July 2014


My pony hair animal print slip ons - not only comfortable but literally goes with everything and is super fashionable .

My LV bag - big enough to fit all my mommy essentials while always looking glamorous and stylish.

My black biker leather jacket - again a classic that goes with everything. From maxi dresses to skirts to jeans…edginess with style.

I'm addicted to simple white t-shirts at the moment - elegant and classic.

My absolute favourite lipstick that I wear everyday - Black cherry…I love the rich colour and how it makes a statement.

This is hands down the most indulgent home product I have ever used and I absolutely love it!  It heats up on application and is just heavenly.

Oxblood nail polish - always on my nails and toes. Always...

Mint tea with honey - yummy with major health benefits.  I try and have a cup before bed...

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