Thursday, 3 July 2014


Once a month a have a manicure and pedicure. I use Shellac as I hate painting my nails, waiting for it to dry and then ultimately smudging it! Oh and chipped nailpolish....I can't deal!

So, every month the nail technician will give me loads of colour wheels to choose a colour from...everything imaginable, every colour you can think of. Every month I say to myself I'm going for something different this time...all excited about my new fashionable colour I'm going to choose...what do I do??? I always go for the same colour! Always! Pinotage...a rich red wine/oxblood colour...I love it. And off course my toes and nails must match. Always!!!

At my last visit I couldn't help but overhear the lady next me telling her nail technician that she had to remove her nailpolish...the colour wasn't her and it made her "angry" looking at it and just upset her entire day and that she just couldn't function until it got changed!!! Extreme you might think??? It's just nailpolish I hear you say??? To some yes...but I had to laugh to myself and could totally relate to this lady as I am exactly the same!

I once ventured away from my usual...and decided on a beautiful Tiffany blue...I was "blue" and annoyed for about a week and then decided I couldn't stand it any longer  and went back and changed it to my usual Pinotage and instantly I could breath again...

Have you ever felt like this? Can you relate? Or do you think it's just a little bit silly...

I'm thinking that life's little luxuries have turned into my life's little necessities...nothing like Pinotage to brighten up any old day! And I mean both kinds!!!

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