Thursday, 17 July 2014


Who ever uses the term "sleep like a baby" obviously DO NOT have children...OR have grown up children and have forgotten that babies DON'T SLEEP!!!

I have a 10 month old and a 3.5 year old and I think it's safe to say that I have not slept a complete full night in more than 3.5 years! Yes people!!! 3.5 years! Plus I have not slept late morning lie ins, no lazing around in breakfast in bed for, nope, nada!

Now, in my previous life I was used to little sleep and sleep interruption being a flight attendant, working odd hours, but then I would have 12 hour sleep marathons to make up for lost sleep and jet lag...not in this life! 
Nothing can prepare you for how tired you are all the time and how that can not only alter your personality drastically, but also play havoc with your appearance! Add to that the fact that you have 2 hour sleep stretches at most and getting up at least 3x per night between the 2 and you have my typical night...and then the day starts at approx 5:30 am sharp! Yes!

My daughter seems to think that as soon as mommy turns out the light between 10-11 pm and puts her head on the pillow and snuggles into bed...that's her cue to start her shenanigans! And so we start our little night time marathon...and sometimes my son will throw me a curveball around 2-3am together with his sister and then we have a real party! A pajama party!!!

Mornings often start with my son creeping into our bed around 5:30 with all his animals (every single soft toy on his bed), his blankie and his bottie (drink bottle) and tells me he's hungry and I must get up now cause the day has started and the sun is awake can you say no to that??? Quite easily really...soon after that my daughter will let me know she's ready to get up too with the loudest scream from her bedroom...almost as if to say "hey I'm here too! Hurry up come and get me!" And so our day starts...

So who ever says "I slept like a baby" either don't have children or they are lying....but, you know what??? I will quite happily give up my sleep to feel my son's warm little body cuddled next to mine most mornings and to see my daughter's little face light up with the biggest smile every morning when I walk into her room!

Just think when they are teenagers it's payback time...revenge is sweet!!! That thought makes me smile...only about another 15 odd years to go!!! In the meantime I use a really good eye cream a great concealer and sometimes really big dark sunglasses!

Always trying to keep it Glamour...on the Go!

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