Sunday, 28 June 2015

My Power Item...

There is something almost life changing about slipping on an item that makes you feel gives you a new found fierceness! For me its the leather jacket. I absolutely love a leather jacket. My favourite way to wear it is unexpectedly...with a beautiful dress.

Designers have made tweaks and updated the classic leather jacket throughout the years - Balmain gave it sharp shoulders and studs, Burberry cinched it with a belt - whichever cut you prefer, the leather jacket refuses to loose its edge...

Whether you wear the classic motorcycle cut or a more edgy and funky cut with studs and spikes or even a bright coloured or metallic one...wear it with confidence and feel instantly powerful...The leather jacket is a classic and powerful piece that can be worn with anything. Its a piece that will stand the test of time...a powerful investment.

(All images courtesy of Pinterest)

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