Saturday, 28 September 2013


Shopping! I love shopping…it’s exciting, exhilarating, fun and very therapeutic. No wonder they call it RETAIL THERAPY! It’s food for the soul…like a psychiatrist only cheaper!

BUT it can also be frustrating (when you want something so bad and they don’t have your size), exhausting (when you see nothing you like) and mostly expensive (when you simply can’t afford those designer shoes or bag you want so desperately).

Luckily it’s mostly FUN! A few weeks ago I had a beautiful baby girl…I also have a gorgeous little boy who is 2 and a half, so you can imagine my household is busy, noisy and challenging at times, so when my mom (who is visiting from South Africa at the moment) offered I take the afternoon to go shopping…I grabbed the chance before anyone could change their minds!

I went into the city and had a delightful afternoon browsing the shops, read my magazine while enjoying my “hot” latte (yes I often have to drink my coffee cold or with “something” floating in it that my son dropped in there) and just people watched…bliss, relaxing and therapeutic.

The shops were filled with bright, gorgeous summer colours in pink, yellow, green, orange and blue! Colours that lured me in and wanted me to buy everything at once! Colours that screamed summer is here! Colours that lifted my mood and my spirits instantly, colours that made me happy!

This made me think and ask the question…is fashion repeating itself? Is fashion taking and borrowing from eras and decades past? What is current right now or is it just history repeating itself?

All the neon in the shops reminded me of the 80’s, a happy place for me where the memories of friends, family and happy days live and great music meant lots of dancing and laughter – so yes shopping is fun and exciting and makes me happy!

After my afternoon of retail therapy I was ready to rush home in time to bath, feed and put my little munchkins to bed! HAPPINESS.

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