Monday, 14 October 2013


When I was a teenager I used to “shop” in my mother’s closet…not only me but all my girlfriends too!!! This used to infuriate my mother and really annoy her. In my true teenage attitude I could never understand what the fuss was about and always accused her of over reacting!!!

Fast-forward 20 years…the roles are reversed…my mother now shops in my closet! Alone…luckily she doesn’t invite her girlfriends, cause I think I will get really annoyed!!!

Now when my mother comes to visit she tells me straight that she is not bringing any clothes and will just “borrow” whatever from my closet (my mother lives in South Africa) Or, when I have a clear out she is 1st in line, or – and this is the worst one – when I’m looking for something my mom is already wearing it or I find it in her closet!

My mother obviously has impeccable style (she shops in my closet) and is always the only one who will ever be honest and tell me the truth about my wardrobe choices…good and bad! She taught me everything I know about style and fashion from a young age and cemented that solid foundation that will one day become my passion and my profession, a role model and perfectly groomed stylish lady that I am proud to look up to and call my mom.

I often wonder, are daughters a true reflection of their mothers? A mirror image of how they see their mothers? Perhaps a modern version of their mothers? Is it a question of - like mother like daughter or more like daughter like mother?

It’s interesting to see what my daughter will be like as she grows up? Will she be a true reflection of me? A mirror image? Will she be passionate about fashion and learn from my style and make it her own? Or will she be the complete opposite?

My own motherly intuition tells me, it will be more a case of, like mother like daughter, I hope! All I can do is nurture and encourage her fashion instincts until she realises that fashion is instant language and glamour is a state of mind!

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