Tuesday, 18 March 2014


I'm a Fashion Stylist.

I know Fashion…yet I found myself stuck in Style…I wondered what my style was…what was my signature??? Like everyone's signature is unique to them I wondered what was mine???

The best way to find out was to start at the beginning…what did I like?

I like jeans, leather, leggings, leopard print or any animal print, kimono style jackets, white, grey and black, chunky necklaces, big bags in funky colours, berry lipstick and matching nails, unusual sunglasses, shoes (any shape, style or colour as long as I love them), short hair, red, minimal make up, feathers, fur, jackets and...Chanel!

Anything thats different, quirky and eccentric...Thats what I like…thats me!

What I don't like is...pastels, co-ordinating colours, eye shadow....

So, I went to my closet and did a major clear out and only kept what I really loved! Now, every time I go to the shops for myself I do think about what my signature is...

I set myself a style challenge this month by only wearing jeans and styling it different ways. What I've learned form my little style experiment so far is that I do love jeans and it certainly makes getting dressed so much easier, plus it's super versatile!

I think I found the rock chick in me with some glamour, style and chic added to it...Gwen Stefani is definitely my style inspiration and the best part is that she a mom too!

So...from now on I'm going to follow my own style advice...wear what you love and wear it with style, glamour and some fashion added for good fun!

Go and find your signature...

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