Friday, 26 September 2014


How to use a belt as a accessory?

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Belts are a great accessory and can really pull your whole look together whether holding up your pants or cinching your waist…
They come in various different styles from statement to thin to broad to rope…you name it, there is a belt for it! I love the statement belt that cinches in your waist and places the focus on the belt. Use it to belt a coat, a dress or a shirt, plus one of my favourite styling tips is to swap the fabric belt that comes with the coat with a statement belt and transform the whole look of the original piece!

Belts are also a fab way to experiment with a look…belt a dress you won't normally or spice up a jeans and t-shirt combo by adding a statement belt…its like a necklace for the waist!

A belt is an inexpensive and stylish accessory that every wardrobe will benefit from. If you not sure about a look…belt it and see it transform!

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