Saturday, 6 September 2014


How do I shop the sales?

I am the first to admit I'm a sucker for sale shopping! Nothing gets me into a shop faster that the bright red word SALE…I love to rummage and I love a bargain, so the prospect of 25%, 50% or even 80% off is a major attraction to me!

Just yesterday I went shopping and the bright red word attracted me into a shop…right at the back they had a section which read…nothing over $10! WHAT??? 
So off I went in search for my fabulous bargain…I rummaged and was in my element when I spotted the perfect little ensemble! A fabulous animal print camisole and skirt set with slits right up both sides in the perfect light non crease summer fabric…for $25!!! Please, please, please let them have my size…

They did! I grabbed it and raced off the to the change room…tried it on…and it just didn't look right!!! Noooooo I was screaming in my head, frantically going through everything I had in my wardrobe that will look fabulous with it trying to convince myself I need this outfit cause its on SALE and just $25!
Sound familiar? How many times have you stood in a change room trying to convince yourself that something looks fabulous just cause its on SALE???

I know its hard but this is the Golden Rule of SALE shopping - 

Only buy on SALE if you really love it, if it's the right size and fits you perfect! Don't just get it because it's on sale. We all love a good bargain, but make sure you separate the good from the not so good, and walk away with the best of the best of what is on SALE!!!

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