Monday, 1 September 2014


I love Spring…its my favourite season and a time for fresh beginnings!
My latest obsession is the maxi skirt - all shapes and forms…particularly the pleated version and I quite love the thigh slit ones as well…

Wear it relaxed or dressed up, with wedges or beautiful flat sandals, NOT pumps or anything with a closed toe, that will just look wrong and way to "heavy" for the softness of the maxi. A basic t-shirt knotted at the side or half tucked will be my preference with lashings of statement jewellery and arm candy. Add a nice smallish bag or clutch that will compliment the colours you choose to wear and never step out without painting your toes…it is spring after all and NO chipped polish either…ever! This look is all about prettiness and girliness. 

Always keeping it Glamour on the Go!

Images courtesy of Pinterest


  1. I"m dying to find some beautiful bright maxi skirts this Spring, so far I've only found lovely soft grey ones. Time to bring our the colour, I think!

  2. I got a gorgeous bright red one with splits up the side from Witchery! Might wear it this week depending on the weather...