Monday, 15 December 2014

Weekly Fashion Trend - Sequin Leggings

(Image courtesy of Pinterest. You can follow Glamour on the Go for more fashion inspiration)

I'm obsessed with sequin leggings and will stop at nothing till I get a pair! I spotted a gorgeous midnight blue pair at Yas Mall just this week and thought it was exquisite...I might go back and get it! In time for New Year!

I will style it with a pair of silver high heel pumps (personally I think closed toe shoes will just look classier and more stylish), a bright silk cami in a contrasting colour - I'm thinking red...with matching lips and nails, huge sparkly statement earrings and a fabulous boxy clutch bag!

Now I'm off to go and get my sequin pants...come back on Wednesday and I will show you how to style them in this week's Style Tip!

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