Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Style Tip - Make up your Style

How do I make up my style?

Your style is you.

Style is speaking without saying a word…its who you are and what makes you, you. There is no one more you’er than you according to Dr Seuss! You are unique and so is your style.

Yes, we all have style icons and celebrities we like, we might like the way they dress and take inspiration from their looks, but we are still ourselves and we are still one of a kind.

Style basically speaks on your behalf…anyone can follow fashion; style is what you do with it.

So, ask yourself 3 questions:

1). What do I like?
2). What do I not like?
3). What is my lifestyle?

Then, start looking at fashion magazines and celebrities; see whose style you like and how you can adapt it to your everyday life. Only take what you like, from as many style inspirations as you want, that’s the beauty of making up your own style…you take the best bits and mould it to you! Before you know it you have made up your own unique style of things you like that suit your daily routine…

For instance…I like the glamour of Gwen Stefani’s red lips and matching nails paired with the rock chic of her high heels and jeans. I like the quirkiness and eccentric fashion of Carrie Bradshaw and how everything is mismatched yet somehow matches perfectly. I love the sensualness and perfect grooming of Jennifer Lopez, the golden glow of her skin and I love Kim Kardashian’s super full on high fashion look…throw it all together and you have my style…glamorous, high heeled rock chic, eccentric, mismatched, perfectly groomed, high fashion ME!

I would love to know how you make up your style… what makes you, you!

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