Saturday, 4 April 2015

Weekly Fashion Trend - Multiple Fashion Personality Disorder

This weekend I attended a huge fashion event and managed to sign a new designer to our Fashion Agency - Moda Africa. While doing all of this I was in fashionista 7pm I was home and putting my kids to bed, in mommy mode!

I’m a fashionista and a business woman, I work but, I’m also a wife, a daughter and a friend, but most important I’m a mommy. I can go from playground to fashion event in 30 minutes, from Havianas to stilettos in a nanosecond and from casual to glam in a flash! I can transcend from mommy to glamorous with the swipe of a red lipstick…

I always find it quite funny and sometimes amazing how effortlessly I switch between “mommy” and “fashionista”...dealing with dirty little hands and faces, changing nappies, singing nursery rhymes, doing ABC’s and counting fashion styling, fashion blogging, putting trends together  organising and hosting fashion events and workshops, attending runway and fashion shows plus running a fashion business!

Juggling different roles and responsibilities with each “personality” has become second nature and I often chuckle to myself and think if the “fashion pack” could see me now... playing in the park with my son or sitting on the floor in his playroom playing cars or up with my daughter at 2 or 3 in the morning…not so glamorous then! But, always conscious of fashion…I might be in casual clothes and Havianas or even pyjamas but I will always be stylish and comfortably fashionable…

This made me think of multiple personality disorder but with fashion and fashion personas…so I came up with the term “multiple fashion personality disorder” where you change from one personality to another so effortlessly you don’t even know you doing it! Anna Wintour once said “you either get fashion or you don’t”…I get fashion, always have and hopefully always will, but to my children I will always be only Mommy and that is just perfect!

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