Sunday, 14 June 2015

How to look your best all the time...

  • Transform you handbag into a tool kit - its always good to be prepared for any or most situations. Carry some wet wipes, hand sanitiser, safety pins, gel feet cushions and hairbands with can even get stain remover pens for those really unfortunate situations, even carry an umbrella that folds up compact just in case...
  • Look on the bright side by adding some colour into your everyday life - even if you don't like wearing colour you can add a bright lipstick or nail polish and it will automatically brighten up your day. Add a bright bag, scarf or jewellery for an extra pop of colour.
  • Have some basic pieces in your wardrobe that you know works and that you can mix and match together without much hassle or thinking...classic pieces like a pencil skirt, a leather jacket, a pair of jeans, LBD, a white shirt and t-shirt, cashmere sweater a great bag, a pair of heels, some gorgeous flats and a great suit jacket. Pieces you know you love that can take prime retail space in your closet.
  • Choose the right underwear - like Christian Dior said "without foundation there can be no fashion" If you wear ill fitting underwear no one will look at your gorgeous outfit and it will be make sure you wear the right underwear that fit you well and suits the outfit. No visible panty lines or bra straps...
  • Make sure your clothes are ironed and crease free...nothing spoils a good outfit more than creases and sloppy un ironed clothes - not a good look at all!
  • If an item of clothing needs alteration like a hem or a missing button, please fix it...
  • Make sure your shoes are clean, the heels are maintained - no heels that have worn through and remove all price tags from the bottom of the shoes, always!
  • Remove your make up at night and use a good face cream, night cream and eye cream.
  • Take vitamins that will cleanse and glow from the inside.
  • Apply basic make up everyday like foundation, mascara and lipstick. Make sure your hair is clean and carry a small make up bag with eyeliner, lipstick, natural blush, nail file and a compact for touch ups during the day. Wear perfume. 
By following these easy steps daily you will look your best everyday!

(All images courtesy of Pinterest)

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