Monday, 27 January 2014


A few weeks ago I was asked by if I would be interested in participating in a competition with a few stylists from around the world, styling one dress using up to 7 items from their online shop. Naturally I was interested and started researching them immediately!!!

Modcloth is an American online retailer specialising in vintage, vintage-inspired and indie clothing accessories and decor. The company is headquartered in San Francisco's South of Market District. To my delight this site is so me! Its quirky, eccentric and completely different from mainstream fashion…perfect!!!

When I first saw the dress that I was to style, two options came to mind…I could either go the "expected route" of ladylike
and sweet…or I could go the complete "unconventional route" of quirky, edgy and sexy…naturally I went for the latter option!!!

So, this is what I came up with…it's quirky, edgy, a little unexpected and a lot of sexy!!! I wanted to take the sweetness of the dress and vamp it up a little bit by adding the animal print shoes and deep red lippy, toughen it up with the studded leather jacket, but still keep it ladylike with the small clutch bag, earrings and gold cuff. 

By mixing different prints and textures you will not normally pair together you create the element of surprise and individuality that will make you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons!!

These are the items I picked from the website,

1. An Afternoon Excursion Jacket - $67.99

2. Multifaceted Fame Necklace - $68.99

3. Trendsetting Globetrotter Clutch - $44.99

4. Altruistic Darling heel in Leopard - $32.99

5. Laud of the Rings Bracelet - $24.99

6. Cubes as Can Be Earrings - $12.99

7. Lipstick in Glamour - $17.99

Go and have look at their website. They have such a big variety with so much to choose from. You can easily spend hours getting lost in the gorgeous fashion, accessories and decor!

I have also picked a few of my favourite monochrome dresses from their site as its such a classic trend that will always stay Fashionable, Stylish and Glamorous!!!

Cute to the Court Dress $74.00

Executive by Design Dress $74.00

Executive Precision Dress $57.00 - Free international shipping on $150+ orders for a limited time only, delivery to 51 countries worldwide and international 60 day returns! Go and have a look…you know you want to!!!


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