Wednesday, 5 February 2014



You get many types of love...each one feeling different and reserved for someone special. Love can make you deliriously happy or severely's a universal language, an emotion that everyone understands, maybe not understand??? But we all need it to survive!!!

This month is the month of Love. This made me think of the different types of Love I have in my life, many different kinds each reserved for a special person that brings meaning and purpose to me, makes me a better version of myself and makes me stop and realize how very blessed I am!!!

Let me count the ways...the absolute Love of my husband, without him there is no me...there is no family. My children...gosh the love I feel for them...they complete me and give my life purpose and meaning every day, the joy I feel when I look at them and hold their little bodies so close and kiss their little faces a million times...there is nothing better than that! My Mother...what an absolute inspiration and role model that I look up to and try to become every day...if I can be half the woman that she is I will be Dad...he was my direction, my guidance and my rock. I feel lost without I'm just drifting along....

My family, each one of them give meaning to my life in a way that fills me spiritualy and emotionally. They each contribute and add to my life tremendously!

My friends...what would life be without friends? People who are you...the same as you or sometimes very different, but each one adds to this thing called LIFE, like a cherry on top!

But most important is God...because without Him, there will be none of this...

So during this month of Love, I encourage you to count the ways of Love in your life, take stock...then sit back and just LOVE...because all I know of Love is...Love is all there is...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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