Friday, 21 February 2014


A long time ago air travel used to be glamorous! You would dress up and have the finest luggage, the whole experience was luxury. The flight was the start of your holiday adding to the, not so much!

By the time you actually take your seat on the flight you are exhausted, stressed and sweating! Add 2 small, screaming children to the mix and you double the stress factor and make it just a little bit more fun! NOT!

From check in to touch down it's just non stop disaster…all the channels you have to go through to enjoy your relaxing holiday on a beach somewhere with a cocktail in hand…and then just when you are nice and relaxed from your beach holiday with many exotic cocktails, you have to do it all the way back again! When you land at home you have already forgotten about your lovely relaxing holiday because you are all stressed again!!!

I recently had a fabulous holiday with my husband and 2 kids…I'm not a good traveller and I "hate" flying which is quite ironic as I did it for a living for more than 10 years!!! Ha ha ha! I know…right??? Different life…different world, that's all I'm saying!!!

Forget about glamorous dressing…its all about practicality and comfort. The effort I do try and put in to look fashionable doesn't look so good anymore when we reach the other side...chances are there are sticky handprints and some kind of child dribble smeared on me somewhere! That's why I travel in dark colours...normally jeans and a black t-shirt with comfortable, sensible but still fashionable shoes and a huge bag...big enough to cart around everything we will need and might need for the flight!

Maybe these are only economy class travel problems?

It might be a good idea to invest in some business class tickets the next time we fly, after all luxury will always be in fashion!

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