Monday, 31 March 2014


Fashion is unpredictable, sometimes crazy, quirky and sometimes's art. A language without having to speak...

I love fashion. I always take what I like and adapt it to me and my lifestyle. I make fashion mine...I mould it to my personality.

I like to mix and match. I take the best pieces and match it all together, mix it up and get a perfectly unique blend specific to me...I pair textures and prints together that would not normally fit, but somehow just works!

These are 3 of my favourite mixes...

Embroidery and leather - wear your biker jacket with a white embroided or broderie anglaise tank, your leather pants with a soft embellished top or blouse and your leather skirt with a lace cami...what about adding some pearls to the mix?

Satin and sweat pants and sweat shirts - satin tracksuit bottoms? Sweat shirt over your satin or silk slip? What about a satin bustier with your sweat pants? Just make sure you always wear strappy heels and loads of accessories.

Denim and embellishment - take your standard issue jeans and vamp it up with feathers, sparkles or Victorian-era embellishment. Dark, dramatic and over the top!

In the name of fashion - mix it and match it!

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