Tuesday, 8 April 2014


My son turned 3 this week…

Planning his birthday party has taken about 8 weeks! It started with me asking him what party he wanted...it was between motorbikes and Disney's Planes.  Every week I would ask him and slowly it became clear that Disney's Planes was the favourite, so the planning began...

Gosh what a production it was and quite stressful I might add! How many kids? Where are we having it? What colours? What about the food? What are we giving as "thank you" gifts???

If this is what a 3 year old party was like what will it be when he turns 16, 18 or 21???

One of  the mommies said that apparently you have to invite the amount of friends as his age, e.g. 3 yrs 3 friends and so on...however who do you invite and how do you choose? As a result my son had 3 celebrations...one at school for 16 classmates, one on the weekend for 14 of his friends and a birthday dinner with mommy, daddy and family on his actual birthday, did I mention he's 3???

It made me wonder...do the mommies set the bar when it comes to their kids? Is it actually the mommies that want the best party for their kiddies? In the end the kids just want to run and play and gave a great cake and red fizzy juice...maybe a few chippies or some sweeties..simple!

Yet the look on his little face when he saw all his Planes decorations and all the yummy food...that mommy end up eating most of this week, cause we had so much left over! Cupcakes and jelly worms and magic beans...

But hey, what we wouldn't do for our kiddies right???

Next up...my daughters 1st...in August and I've already started planning! Angelina Ballerina here we come!

The best part of giving our little monkey moo this Planes party was that it was really the 1st birthday he knew what was going on, he was excited and he loved every minute of it! Pure joy and happiness!

Is his 4th birthday going to be bigger and better??? We will have to ask him now what theme he wants so mommy can start planning...

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