Friday, 19 September 2014


How to glam up your t-shirt?

Images courtesy of Pinterest

I love graphic t-shirts, slogan t-shirts and plain t-shirts in all shapes and sizes…so lets have a look at the various ways you can wear this versatile and classic piece of clothing. Everyone owns at least one t-shirt…

Tuck it - the half tuck is very fashionable and on trend at the moment. It adds some structure and sleek to your outfit and shows of any detail you might have at the waistband or a belt you might be wearing.

Knot it - this is one of my favourite ways to wear my t-shirts at the moment. It draws the attention to your waist which is normally the smallest part of your body and it creates a focal
 point. It's a bit more dressy and a nice little added accessory to your outfit.

Add bling - this is my no.1 style tip! Statement jewellery will always add glamour to anything you wear. Treat the t-shirt like a blank canvas and add on as many accessories as you want! This is your way to personalise the outfit.

Add structure - by adding a jacket you automatically take the style and glam factor up a notch. Together with your statement jewellery and the half tuck or knot your t-shirt will be anything but boring!


  1. Great post! I'm so glad tees can be worn so many ways and can easily be dressed up or down. In fact, I wore a simple white tee yesterday with skinnies, heels & some bling for a meeting. Comfy and versatile.